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The Sublet (2015)

The Sublet (2015)

Tianna NoriMark MatechukKrista MadisonPorter Randell
John Ainslie


The Sublet (2015) is a English movie. John Ainslie has directed this movie. Tianna Nori,Mark Matechuk,Krista Madison,Porter Randell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. The Sublet (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The Sublet is a suspense driven psychological thriller about Joanna, a new mom coping with her baby alone in an odd sublet apartment. As her husband neglects her to focus on his career, Joanna questions her sanity as she discovers a violent past to the apartment and suspects that the building may be haunted.

The Sublet (2015) Reviews

  • There will be blood!


    The film follows a young mother as she stays at home, caring for her infant child. She finds herself unraveling a disturbing mystery, which surrounds her new apartment and begins to test her sanity. I try not to compare films, but this film really has notes of Rosemary's Baby and reminded me a little bit of The Shining. I think it was the claustrophobic feel of the film and the constant wondering what's real and what's in her mind. It probably also helped that the film's decor was very dated, kind of 70s. It's because of this constant wondering and putting the pieces together that reflects good story telling, the mystery unraveled nicely and wasn't spoon fed to the audience. The film is atmospheric with lots of drama (some people might call this 'slow'), but it builds the tension nicely until it breaks you. This was certainly helped by Tianna Nori! I was gripped by her the entire film, it was a very engrossing performance. If you like your psychological horror, I would definitely check this one out!

  • Cerebral thriller that does not disappoint


    I have to say I was not expecting much from this film. After watching it, however, I was really surprised at how well done it was. The low 5.9 rating hardly does this film justice. It's much much better then that. Sticking to my "no spoiler" rule, I will only lend my opinions of why I thought this was a terrific sleeper Psyche/Thriller. The film is a bit slow moving but don't let that lull you into a sense of nothing happening. This film makes you think and question yourself at many points throughout, as though you missed something important about the plot. Each act gets more and more creepy regarding who is sane and who is not. The acting was very good and the score was spot on during the most important and disturbing scenes, illustrating how the timing of editing and Direction was excellent. There seems like a lot is going on but at the end the film comes full circle, thereby leaving you fulfilled and quite alarmed. If you are a fan of Psychological Thrillers but are sick of the typical Drek that seems to be constantly regurgitated so often, you are in for a treat And will thoroughly enjoy "The Sublet".... I would say this could have been a film Hitchcock might have directed had he read the script. As Hitch once said...."there are only three things that matter in making a great film, Script, Script, Script"....! Hats off to the writer, Director, sound and cast. I give this film a Big Thumbs Up!

  • Wasn't a particularly impressive movie experience...


    I didn't know anything about this movie prior to sitting down to watch it. I didn't even read the synopsis. All that I needed was knowing that it was a horror movie. However, it turned out that "The Sublet" was somewhat of an ordeal to sit through. It was a rather slow paced storyline with very little happening throughout the course of the story actually. Director John Ainslie actually did manage to construct a movie that built up a suspense in a good way, but despite the build up of suspense it didn't climax into anything worthwhile. The acting in the movie was adequate, and people were doing good enough jobs with their roles and characters, despite the limitations imposed by the script and storyline. "The Sublet" was not a horror movie that was big on special effects or practical effects for that matter. Nah, this type of movie is the kind that makes good with mood and atmosphere. Was that a good thing? Well, yeah sort of, as the build up of suspense and keeping the audience in the dark was good. This was a less than mediocre foray into the horror genre, and "The Sublet" doesn't really offer anything to the genre that hasn't already been seen before in other horror movies. So don't expect anything overly innovative here. I must admit that I found my interest and attention span ebbing as the movie progressed and I was actually tempted to just give up and eject the DVD with only 15 minutes left of the movie. I did, however, decide to finish the movie. Which wasn't a particular improvement to the rest of the movie. There are far better horror movies available. And the few scenes and ideas throughout the movie that actually were nicely constructed was hardly enough to make it up for the rest of the movie. "The Sublet" scores a meager 4 out of 10 stars from me.

  • Don't waste your time.


    If you are looking up the reviews debating whether or not to watch this film then don't bother.. From start to finish this film was boring unsuspenseful it's labelled horror yet there was nothing scary about it not even jumpy.. find something better :)

  • The Sublet zzZzZ


    Warning for some small spoilers, nothing important that will ruin. The script was there, but it was done so wrong. This movie could be so much more. It had such a potential but it was all a waste. The acting was poor and dull except from the two main characters who was decent. Some holes in some scenes that made no sense at all. Some of the interesting scenes that got you hooked for a moment did fast disapare thanks to bad writing or acting. I was close to turn the movie off, but decided not to. I do regret it a bit. 1/5 stars


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