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Crowsnest (2012)

Crowsnest (2012)

Mittita BarberAslam HusainVictor Zinck Jr.Chelsey Reist
Brenton Spencer


Crowsnest (2012) is a English movie. Brenton Spencer has directed this movie. Mittita Barber,Aslam Husain,Victor Zinck Jr.,Chelsey Reist are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Crowsnest (2012) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

This is a 'found-footage' movie from Canada about five young friends who go on a trip to a cabin back in 2011, but on the way (while filming it) they head off the beaten track to a place called Crowsnest where they have heard that you can buy beer for half price! They get the beer but at the same time they receive a warning to head back where they came from or they will die. But they don't take the warning too seriously and keep driving in to the forest. But they seem to be lost, then an RV hits one of them and all hell breaks loose. There's something about the people in the RV. Will the friends survive?


Crowsnest (2012) Reviews

  • Not as bad but not as great either


    First the bad and okay stuff: The movie's plot is unoriginal, the going on a camping trip and die plot has already been used plenty of times and the found footage idea has been used a lot as well. The actors are portrayed as real mid twenty "just out of college" kids, which they did a great job at portraying (the acting was okay) though it became very annoying because kids like that can be very annoying. At first I wanted them to die but then I was hoping they would make it out alive once the action happened. The ending... well watch it yourself I don't want to spoil anything. There wasn't really any twists, there was a few cheesy moments in the beginning and a few bad lines in the script which I cringed at. The plot was straightforward and simple, these "camping trip" movies are not normally known for their great plots so I didn't go in expecting anything shocking. The good stuff: The word "horror" absolutely applies to this movie, I was horrified during certain scenes. My heart was pumping and I felt like I was there, it actually gave me a twisted feeling after the movie. Once the action started it was a complete on the edge of you're seat thrill ride till the end. If you've seen "yellow brick road" the horror is similar, I guess I would call it "psychological gore". Besides one or two lines the acting was fine, bad acting is something that could ruin a movie and that wasn't the case here (not saying it was great though). My conclusion: This movie isn't great, its by no means bad though. I watched this on a day when I was relatively bored and I wasn't disappointed. There are a few good things and a few bad things about this movie, the problem is there is nothing GREAT about the movie. If you're looking for a horror/psychological thriller movie and can't find anything you're overly interested in you should give this a watch, I'm glad I did. I think a 5.5 rating is good for this movie, I wanted to give it a 6 but it just didn't made the cut, I gave it a 5 because the rating is already 5.8.

  • It's Kirk's Fault This Movie is Bad!


    There haven't been many movies that I have watched where I have felt compelled to begin writing a review of it before I even finish watching it. The few times this has happened, it has been to heap praise upon the movie. Although "Crowsnest" has joined the list of movies that have given me this compulsion, it is not due to it getting any praise. Put simply, "Crowsnest" is a found footage film filled with whiny and annoying college age friends who are going on a trip and go off course in order to get beer at half price. As the friend's are driving an SUV, the first thought that occurs is that the gas money needed for them to go off course will probably burn through more of their money than regular price beer would. The town they stop is reminiscent of the cliché horror movie gas station that used to give Roger Ebert fits when he reviewed horror movies. Later in the movie, one of the girls take a break outside of the car and is almost hit by an RV. Feeling angry, they go after the RV to get its license plate numbers. Almost every horror movie has the one mistake, a phenomena mentioned in Jeepers Creepers (2001) as the moment someone does something stupid and everyone hates him for it. This moment would appear to be the moment that Kirk decides to follow the RV. Although the remainder of the movie from this point on is every other person blaming absolutely everything on Kirk, it is never made clear how anything that happens is actually his fault. Kirk receives more undeserved blame in this movie than Barack Obama has gotten in over four years as president. Apparently annoyed because the protagonists are following them, the driver of the RV decides to go ahead and chase them. It is at that point that we are given a lesson as to the power and durability of an RV. Although our heroes are driving an SUV, it apparently cannot outrun this enormous RV. When one of the girls gets out of the car to throw up, she is hit by the RV. Apparently not only is the RV huge and powerful, it also has powers of stealth that one would not expect from a vehicle of its size. I immediately assumed it was the Ultimate Behemoth from the first seasons "Simpsons" episode. Finally our heroes realize that the only way for them to survive is to try to find help. Their cell phones do not work, of course, because a cell phone working in a horror movie is against international law. But this minor setback does not deter this brave group of youths. They come up with the brilliant plan that if they cannot get a phone signal, they need to go further up on the mountain to get a signal. Not only is the top of the mountain an ideal place to get a wireless signal, it also is the optimum area for them to be when the police decide to rescue them. Inevitably, the trip to the top of the mountain fails when the road ends. However, these heroes remain steadfast and come up with an even more clever idea. Since they still do not have a cell phone signal, they should get out of the car and continue to climb to the top of the hill. They do this, and within minutes it has been decided, yet again, that they are all going to die and every character has to mention, for the record, the entire thing is Kirk's fault. It takes Justin about three minutes into his trip into the woods to realize he is going to freeze to death. As much as I would like to say that what has happened up until this point is the pinnacle of the collective stupidity of the characters, that would be giving them way too much credit. What follows from here are idiotic mistakes, more blaming of Kirk, cannibals driving an RV, people's hands and feet falling off, and some of the absolute worst movie making in existence. In spite of all of this, and in spite of the low rating I am going to give this movie, I cannot totally not recommend it. If nothing else, "Crowsnest" was fun to watch in the same manner that a bad oral report in school is fun to watch. You realize that the speaker has done no research and almost no preparation for their presentation and enjoy watching them try to bullshit their way into at least a passing grade. Of course the presenter, much like this movie, ends up failing. But it is mildly fun watching them squirm. One star out of four.

  • To Be Honest...


    This movie was okay, not good, not too bad.. There are a few genuine scares, particularly the first death but I found the ending to be very disappointing and dull.. Also I halfway throughout found myself hating two of the characters and found it strenuous to continue watching to the end. Overall, if you like these Found Footage horror movies, as much as I love them, then absolutely watch it.. but know there are MUCH better ones out there, such as: The Children, Evidence, Grave Encounters, REC. etc.. but then again there are much WORSE ones out there, such as: The Gacey House, August Underground trilogy (boring boring gore, literally no dialog besides cursing..) I recommend a one time watch for true found footage aficionados.

  • Slow and boring


    Don't know what movie the other reviewers watched, but the one I saw was mostly about a bunch of kids riding around in the car arguing with each other about the best course of action. Every now and then an RV appears, honking and rams their vehicle. The other reviewers must have some connection to this film. I am tired of reading reviews written by friends of the film. By the way, how does this have a 9 rating from IMDb? Shouldn't that be reserved for classic films? Most of the film was listening to the actors emote. Very little gore and most of the action is kept for the last 25 minutes. I just watched "The cabin in the Woods"; comparing that to this film is laughable. True, this was a low budget film, but what really bothered me was that I decided to watch it based on the review on this web site, which were totally inaccurate! This was a waste of my time!

  • Not what I expected


    Shock! horror!! a found footage film (FFF)that doesn't have a supernatural twist. Okay I am a fan of found footage films and have been since the cannibal movies of the early 80's. I loved the Blair Witch Project, a film that split the film community, a masterpiece to some a steaming pile of dung to others!! So I'm biased, however this is a different movie all together to the majority of FFF's out there (Paranormal Activity, Tunnel Movie, Apartment 143, Atrocious, Grave Encounters etc). This is more your 'road trippers come across demented hillbillies' type movie that just happens to be shot in the FFF style. Enjoyable romp, by no means a classic but a least a little refreshing


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