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Countrycide (2017)

Countrycide (2017)

Robin HodgeJoel ElliottPeter WhittakerAndrew Galligan
Brett Kelly


Countrycide (2017) is a English movie. Brett Kelly has directed this movie. Robin Hodge,Joel Elliott,Peter Whittaker,Andrew Galligan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Countrycide (2017) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

While on a road trip to a wedding, a young couple is forced to camp out for the night - and become prey to the wilderness, and something even more sinister.

Countrycide (2017) Reviews

  • Not Funny Just Bad - Only Good Thing is the Poster


    This is a really bad movie. The only good thing about it is a decent looking poster but actually all that does is raise my hopes to make me think this might be a real movie but it's not. I want to support Ottawa actors but this movie is just awful start to finish and in every way imaginable. Brett Kelly is a local director and love him for trying but dude you have to stop now, every one of your movies if you can even call them that are terrible. This is what you get when someone with zero experience or talent takes a camera phone and shoots their friends for a few hours running around in somebody's yard. The picture and sound quality are zero. There is no script or story to speak of here. The actors come off looking bad mostly because they have no direction and nothing to work with. Worst of all unlike most zero budget movies this one is bad but doesn't even make the level of being the kind of bad you can enjoy watching or laugh at, it is just a bad, tedious, boring movie that is hard to get through. I hate having to watch things and then pretend they're awesome just because friends of friends are in it so I won't, this is a crime against movies and the director, writers, producers, all of them should stop making these movies. I've seen three now (this, the music camp/school one and Spyfall) and they are all boring turds. Couldn't even finish the music one and I was trying.

  • It's Like "Country Side" Plus "Homicide" Get It???


    What a brilliant title I mean it's about going to the country side which is usually like a happy place but then there are homicides that happen there which is a big surprise and not a happy thing so it's like Country-cide get it? That's a very awesome title unfortunately it's all down hill from there when you get to how good---I mean bad---this movie is. Actually by bad I really mean awful because this movie is grade A for Awful.

  • From the guy who brought you Jurassic Shark...


    COUNTRYCIDE is a stab (pun absolutely intended) at the usual kind of indie horror with a couple finding themselves stranded in a wood during a trip and forced to camp the night. Their vacationing is interrupted by the interventions of a psychopath, and would-be thrills ensue. That this was directed by the guy behind RAIDERS OF THE LOST SHARK and JURASSIC SHARK speaks volumes; it's a far from good movie, and quite often just intensely dull. Still, the soundtrack is a little better than in most indies, and the acting's not too shabby either; it's just a pity there's little story of interest.


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