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Coping (2000)

Coping (2000)

Jack BradleyMichele HowardShawn KerwinKaren Newman
Christopher Robin Hood


Coping (2000) is a English movie. Christopher Robin Hood has directed this movie. Jack Bradley,Michele Howard,Shawn Kerwin,Karen Newman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2000. Coping (2000) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Impact is the story of Rob (Jack Bradley), a successful young man whose life is interrupted when he crosses paths with a smart and a beautiful woman named Leslie (Michele Howard). After being suddenly and mistakenly arrested, Rob begins a city-wide search for Leslie, unsure of her last name or where to find her. With the aid of his quirky friend and business partner Mark (Shawn Kerwin), he eventually tracks down the woman of his dreams, trying to win her over and prove his worth. Succumbing to his charms, Leslie embarks on a whirlwind courtship with Rob, and their shared love dominates their lives. With his spirits blossoming and his business booming, Rob's only regret is the relationship with his father, which has forever been damaged by his father's drinking and Rob's unwillingness to forgive. When tragedy strikes, Rob is forced to confront his inner demons, re-evaluating his focus in life and the judgments he's rendered against his father. Faced with the ultimate decision, even Rob...


Coping (2000) Reviews

  • Good Indy, Bad Dates


    This one's a must see. The dialogue is superb, the production is excellent, and the acting is good. This is a love story that isn't a chick-flick so has a chance to appeal to men and women. Laughter prevailed through the first third of the film and love and drama took it to climax and conclusion. Rob's friend (yes, that's the actual credit -- I don't get it) was terrific and I found myself wishing for a lot more screen time for Leslie. I'm not sure where I've seen Rob, but I know I have and he gave a gutty performance. There were only a couple times during the film when I wished the editor had spent some prudent minutes clipping some excellent moments to make a leaner, tighter film. Still, this one truly will make you laugh and cry. Look for it, and when you find it...pop some corn with real movie butter and enjoy.

  • Wow! Good Comedy! Great Love Story!


    All though this film starts out as a funny, quirky comedy, once the love story takes over, it blew me away. There's a big twist that you don't see coming and a great final act that ends the film on an up note. I can't say too much without giving somethings away, but I definitely recommend it. It's too bad they didn't have a big star in it, because it's better than most big-budget Hollywood movies, but since it's a small film, it won't get the exposure it deserves. I'll buy a copy when it comes out.

  • Great, funny comedy, wonderful love story


    I saw this film at the Lansing Film Festival and loved it. Although the venue kind of sucked (lecture hall with pull down screen and weak accoustics), I got drawn right into the film early on. The dialogue is amazing and often very funny, but you need to pay attention as it's written so smartly. The second half of the film takes a surprise twist. Although there's realy not much comedy in the second half, I still probably enjoyed it more than the first since it's so well acted and emotional. I highly recommend this film if and when it makes it to the local video stores and/or cable. I cried twice and can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud. Definitely an outstanding indy effort.

  • I never enjoy myself more during a movie, a must see!!!


    The movie was very funny, so much to true life. I laughed and cried and totally enjoy myself during this movie. It's a must see movie. AAA+ Jay

  • Great moments for this very good movie


    I found myself laughing more than crying. There are a lot of excellent moments in this film. I really enjoyed Rob's Friend. His part is very funny. Sometimes the dialogue is heavy and long, but in general, it is smart and full of wit. Leslie and Rob play out a nice love story, but I found pleasure in the details of this film. The montage of scenes at the amusement park are very well done. And keep an eye on the strange little props the actors use (the model is a terrific touch). I recommend this film to anyone in the mood to laugh, cry and think.


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