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Charly (2002)

Charly (2002)

Jeremy HoopRandy KingHeather BeersLindsay Killian
Adam Thomas Anderegg


Charly (2002) is a English movie. Adam Thomas Anderegg has directed this movie. Jeremy Hoop,Randy King,Heather Beers,Lindsay Killian are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2002. Charly (2002) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Sam Roberts thinks he has all the answers: the purpose of life, the meaning of love, the plan for a perfect future. Until Charly walks into his life. As different as Salt Lake City and New York City, Sam and Charly are thrown together by circumstance and repelled by differences. He's scheduled and idealistic. She's spontaneous and cynical. He's guarded and practical. She's open and mischevious. He's a Mormon. She isn't. Differences spark interest, though, as Charly finds depth in Sam's idealism and Sam seeks the vibrance of Charly's joie de vivre. But all is not smooth in the Rockies, as their relationship accelerates - cultural differences, family issues, former loves and life-altering challenges threaten to shake things up.


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Charly (2002) Reviews

  • Just horrific.


    I gave this movie two chances and both times it let me down, even though I wasn't expecting great things from it in any case. I haven't read the book as I usually try to steer clear of most sappy love stories, but from what I hear from everyone that has read it, it is wonderful. Because I saw the movie, I won't read the book. Jeremy Elliot plays a Sam that is totally unbelievable and impossible to relate to and empathize with. The other actors' characters don't stand out either. The one exception to this would be Heather Beers' Charly. Fun, lovable, and humorous, she almost manages to save this film, despite a few shaky scenes. The two stars that I gave go to her. Be it known that I am a member of the church as well. The principles that the movie teaches aren't bad, but the movie sucks. I almost fear retaliation from the mormon populace for giving this film such a bad review. Good thing I don't live in Utah. Bottom line: Horribly written, horribly acted, and like the majority of LDS pop culture films, and utter let down and complete waste of time.

  • B.S. Religious evangelism. Total Nonsense.


    What a waste of 31 minutes. Yes, that's all I could tolerate from this piece of religious propaganda. There is no movie here, no art, and no 'Film'. Just a Sunday sermon from people who believe in fantasy and make-believe. 2-year-olds in adult bodies. Geese! Shame on you Amazon for putting this malarkey on the 'Prime Recommended Drama' list. A-Joke.

  • A poor, straight-to-video, religious affirmation movie


    With so many of the user reviews gushing with praise, I thought I'd better add a quick negative review; because I found this movie laughable. The religious message is over done and gets very cloying. The acting is mostly wooden (Charly character gets a pass, but Sam gets a colossal thumbs down). Some of the lines they've been given are excruciatingly lame. If your not a rather soppy, religious type of person I can't see you finding much to like, especially during the ending scenes. To have a chance of enjoying this movie (and surprisingly for me, it seems many people did) I think you first really have to share much of the same parochial values and beliefs as the Sam character (and seemingly the values of the films backers) and then have them nicely confirmed for you over the course of the movie. Otherwise this film leaves you constantly perplexed with the absurdity that a few hours spent in the company of a boring nerdy boy-scout while having a quick prayer in the back yard and watching him fish will somehow change someone from a sassy, artsy, secular city-girl into a perfect little pious mid-western house wife.

  • Why can't Hollywood see we love these kinds of movies?


    I am not a big movie goer. For one I simply can not afford them and to go in to a theater and be insulted by what I see makes me mad. I love action, and to be honest I love sex, however I don't enjoy seeing other people have it. I am not really into the "chick flicks" either. I like one I can go home and feel excited about and actually feel like I was there. I never cry in movies, it is just not me. I may get teary eyed, but I do that when I watch my children dance or play. However the movie Charley touched me in a way I can not even explain. I felt the joy and sorrow in that movie. I felt like I knew these people and they were my friends. I not only got teary eyed, but I lost it, I totally lost it. I did not take my kleenex, I never need them, so I had to get some napkins. This was not an LDS movie, this was a love story that was centered around a belief that happened to be LDS. We have movies that are centered around Jews. (Jazz singer) or catholics and we do not say, "awwww that was a Jewish movie". This movie is touching in the fact that this man believed so much in his faith and yet had challenges that made him question it. Yet it was a love story that could make you be there and want that for yourself. It was clean, and funny and Hollywood should take note. I would recommend Charley to anyone of any faith that would enjoy a good clean movie that can make you laugh and make you cry. Look past the low budget and see the heart of the movie and the actors. It was a movie that did not need all the big props and lights, the story is what gave it the heart.

  • Long, but thought provoking


    I have not read any of Jack Weyland's work, even though I found a lecture he gave quite entertaining. My wife had to coax me into watching this movie. She hasn't read the book, either. I thought the movie was a little long and slow, but also thought provoking and well made for an LDS film. "Charly" seemed like two separate stories to me. The first half of the movie is about Charly's internal struggle. She resolves it, and the movie could end there, happily ever after. I'm not sure I would watch the sequel, however. The second half of the movie is more poignant. In this story, Sam struggles with his own beliefs, and his struggle seems more intense than Charly's. The second half of this movie is better than the first, but it takes a long time to get there! The movie makes you think about your own beliefs and the important things in life. Personally, I enjoy movies that make me think or make me want to be better. The quality is better than most LDS films to date. The lead actors do a fairly good job, despite their lack of experience. Many of the supporting actors leave something to be desired, however. "Charly" is a top-notch film for the LDS genre. It ranks up there with "The Other Side of Heaven" and "Roots and Wings." Such movies don't require you to be a Mormon to enjoy the story they tell. The love story in "Charly" could happen to a person of any faith. This one just happens to take place in Salt Lake City.


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