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Dirty Dealing 3D (2018)

Dirty Dealing 3D (2018)

Michael MadsenFrida FarrellAriana MadixMadelon Lane
Christopher Robin Hood


Dirty Dealing 3D (2018) is a English movie. Christopher Robin Hood has directed this movie. Michael Madsen,Frida Farrell,Ariana Madix,Madelon Lane are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Dirty Dealing 3D (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Las Vegas. Any given Friday night. The girls of the Sin Pit at the Rapture Casino are the sexiest dealers in town pumping cards, piling chips and pushing dice at one of the hottest spots around...and the customers are loving every minute of it. One of the favorites is Kora, a beautiful single mom who dotes on her precocious 9-year old son, Josh. When Josh is diagnosed with leukemia, Kora's world comes crashing down. The relief she finds at learning the illness was caught early enough to cure is quickly smashed at being informed the experimental procedure needed won't be covered by the company health insurance. The ladies appeal to their boss, casino owner Dean Belding, to approach the insurance company on Josh's behalf. Despite promises to do his best, they learn that Dean makes no effort to help and even makes callous remarks about the dying boy and his unwed mother. Kora's friends rally around her and Josh, but even pooling their resources, they can't come close to the $200,000+ ...


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Dirty Dealing 3D (2018) Reviews

  • Cute Calendar


    Nice boobs and Ass and girls its whats its all about, but a good story.

  • Nice insight to gambling and casino operations


    This movie is essentially a titillating version of Oceans 11. I will say the fact that the movie can an actual story line and really neat breakdown of how to take money from a casino was cool. A lot of time and research was put into how casinos work, the gaming aspect and the relationships between dealer, gambler, pit boss and casino management. Its obviously not 100% accurate but not too far off to make the premise unrealistic. The acting is not great and its not a softcore movie but its also not bad.

  • Vegas Rocks


    I enjoyed this film as a Vegas Native and a member of both the local gaming community and film community. Saw many friends in this film and looking forward to more from Director Chris Hood !!

  • Super fun! Nice surprise!


    I was surprised how much I enjoyed this film. Super fun!

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