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The Queen and I (2018)

The Queen and I (2018)

Samantha BondOliver ChrisAmanda AbbingtonJulia McKenzie
Dan Zeff


The Queen and I (2018) is a English movie. Dan Zeff has directed this movie. Samantha Bond,Oliver Chris,Amanda Abbington,Julia McKenzie are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Queen and I (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

A new republican prime minister strips the British monarch and her family of their money and assets, and forces them to live on a rundown council estate.

The Queen and I (2018) Reviews

  • Not funny. Truly, madly, deeply..........not funny at all.


    The book was first published around 1992/3, so quite what the point is of filming it 25 years later, I fail to see, and I wish whoever was responsible hadn't bothered. Puerile jokes about Charles's ears, the (late) Queen Mother's fondness for horse racing, the (late) Princess Margaret's fondness for cigarettes and gin & tonic - it's all here, and it really doesn't work. Now top off the whole sorry confection with references to the Princess of Wales still being alive and living abroad somewhere with Dodi Fayed and you start to see how crushingly unfunny and indeed irrelevant this is. It is truly awful. I've tried to imagine how, or indeed if this might actually have been funny at the time it was written, when some of the characters were still alive and would have meant something to the readers, but I just can't see it. Not even the excellent cast can save it - it is the biggest turkey of this Christmas.

  • Read the book


    This could have been so much better. Most of the book seemed to have been overlooked. It seemed like they only took the basic premise of the novel with only a couple of threads remaining but those was drastically trimmed to leave a totally too short running time. Would have more sense to make a 6 part half hour series. Waste of an excellent cast

  • Please read the book


    This could have been so much better. The book written by the late Sue Townsend. I've read the book on numerous occasions over the last 20 years and it's not at all how I pictured it. Where was Prince Phillip? Why was he excluded? It seemed very rushed. Johnny Vegas casting as Spiggy was about the only decent thing. Such a shame. Sorry Sue.

  • Why 25 years late?


    Would've hit the mark if it was written for todays world, but its 25 years too late!

  • Not funny - do not waste your time


    I can only agree with the other comments here: It is situated 20+ years ago without any frame of reference to place the watcher in the time period. Many of the characters are now dead, and unknown to many watchers (Princess Margaret, Queen Mother) etc. Jokes about Princess Di dating Dodi Fayed are obviously not funny in hindsight. It portrays everyone in a nasty manner, 'the Royals' and 'the Poor' are equally shown to be lazy/backbiting/worthless people. Yuk. Yuk. Yuk. Watch the brilliant 'The Windors' TV series instead which pokes fun at today's Royals in a playful and very funny way.


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