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The Callback Queen (2013)

The Callback Queen (2013)

Amy-Joyce HastingsMark KilleenSeán T. Ó MeallaighKate Braithwaite
Graham Cantwell


The Callback Queen (2013) is a English movie. Graham Cantwell has directed this movie. Amy-Joyce Hastings,Mark Killeen,Seán T. Ó Meallaigh,Kate Braithwaite are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. The Callback Queen (2013) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Kate Loughlin is a vivacious young actress struggling to get her big break in the London film industry. When she lands an audition for the lead role in a massive movie franchise based on the 'Prince of Chaos' novels by legendary author Horatio King, she goes after the opportunity with all guns blazing. However a sleazy agent trying to pimp her to the director Vincent Catalano, pushes her to the other extreme. Determined to prove her strict professionalism, she starts second guessing Vincent's interest in her. Dáithí Carroll is an earnest young filmmaker studying in London. Chosen to direct one of his college's graduation films, he needs a crew. Enter Joanne Webber, a hard-nosed Londoner with a penchant for role-play and her eye on this vulnerable Irishman. Together they recruit a motley crew for their film, and Dáithí enlists Kate to star. A restless Vincent inserts himself onto their set through his friend and casting director Deborah Whitton, who is tutor to the young filmmakers. ...


The Callback Queen (2013) Reviews

  • Romantic Comedy takes place in London


    I went to see Call Back Queen not really knowing what to expect. It was a nice surprise! It had some good laughs in it. I really enjoyed Amy-Joyce Hastings performance. Director Graham Cantwell and Amy-Joyce Hastings were at the movies and the audience were able to ask questions. It was great to hear some of the character development like one based on his grandmother. Questions were also received by Amy-Joyce Hastings. She was charming. I think she has a great future in film. This was Cantwell's first romantic company. I think he should do more. I like the name chosen for the film. The title caught my eye. That is why I ended up going to see it in the first place. Anyway..worth seeing.

  • Great performances and great direction from Graham Cantwell


    A superb film. Great performances and great direction from Graham Cantwell. Loved the colour grading and overall production values are top class. Great filmmaking and superb casting, directing and written. Be sure to watch this!

  • A Rom Com set in London about about a gorgeous young Irish Actress's trials and tribulations


    Graham Cantwell is one of my favourite film makers and I loved his first feature, Anton. Kudos to this Irish Director for very successfully jumping to the entirely different genre of Rom Com with a bang. Amy Joyce-Hastings, as the lead, is very lovable but out of luck when it comes to getting cast; she is no doubt like many young actors in London - struggling to get by while waiting for the next job! The film has an array of brilliant characters and I found myself rooting for all of them. Kate transcends the world of the big budget fantasy franchise, a short student film (which proves a raucous experience!) and some other mad work for survival. The Irish living in England theme is the underbelly of the film and is brilliantly and comically done. Ger Ryan is outstandingly hilarious and true to life as the young Granny to the director of the student short. The film is experiential when it comes to showcasing London. It is aesthetically stunning and full of light and sunshine which makes everything and everyone in it look ethereal! Go see this film or get it on VOD for anyone in the mood for a great Rom Com, an insight into the mad world of casting and film and a homage to London.

  • Treat yourself to this little gem.


    I haven't enjoyed a film as much as this in a very long while. Cleverly constructed, cleverly realised, cleverly nuanced, very well cast, acted, directed, and written. I admit it took me a little while to get in to it, but once I was in, I was totally hooked and completely swept away by the humour in particular, and found myself laughing uncontrollably many, many times. That's a rarity in this day and age, and it takes a special film to do that. This film is one such. It will be well worth your while!

  • The Callback Queen, laughter on a drip.


    Went to see The Callback Queen on a wet stormy night in Dublin but this Romantic Comedy provided the perfect tonic and made me forget my rain- soaked shirt. Although The Callback Queen is extremely funny the plot holds up a mirror to the charlatans, posers and unscrupulous exploiters who can operate in the film industry. The film is very stylish and bright and I would compliment the cinematography, bringing us on an open top bus tour of London's historic and fashionable spots. Amy-Joy Hastings gives a wonderful performance as Kate Loughlin. She plays a very winning role and this showing bodes well for her future screen career. Ger Ryan is hilarious and she has perfect comic timing. The Callback Queen is a new departure for Graham Cantwell. I enjoyed his debut feature Anton very much but The Callback Queen marks him out as an Irish Director to follow. His star is definitely in the ascendant. Now that the storm has abated and my clothes are dry The Callback Queen still has me laughing. Go see.


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