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Uncommon Law (2015)

Uncommon Law (2015)

Mick TaylorChristie VozniakMyles GrierJules Nobles
Brian Work


Uncommon Law (2015) is a English movie. Brian Work has directed this movie. Mick Taylor,Christie Vozniak,Myles Grier,Jules Nobles are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Uncommon Law (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

After years of bailing each other out of bad dates by pretending to be married, best friends and longtime roommates Brendan & Melissa receive a court notice that they are now common law married.

Uncommon Law (2015) Reviews

  • Indie romantic comedy awesomeness


    When you think independent film, you think Sundance, you think drama, suspense, but not Romantic Comedy. You should stop and think again. This film makes you laugh, more than any comedy I've seen in recent history. It is a low budget film, but it's writing and acting is anything but low budget. There were some editing errors with the pickups they had to do, but you can see past those. It was refreshing to watch a comedy that wasn't vulgar with annoying things that happen to the cast that is over the top. It was well written and shows the love of the genre very well. Thank you for making this movie, to me, it was the magical romantic comedies I grew up with.

  • Fun Indie movie


    Forget all the usual criterion for judging movies. This movie is just plain fun. All of the actors are over the top and clichés abound, but that appears to be the intent. Some of the more ridiculous characters are meant to be that way. The production quality is what you'd expect for low budget, but it doesn't hurt the enjoyment. Given that, I really enjoyed Christie Vozniak as Melissa. She has a funny and sparkling personality and isn't bad on the eyes either. The story has no surprises but the story is just an excuse to enjoy the funny moments. If you have expectations, or even medium ones, for production, story, or acting, then you will probably want to look somewhere else. But if that stuff doesn't bother you and you just want to have a fun time, then give this a try.

  • Friendships and the Unexpected.


    It's a Romantic Comedy. It's about friendship. It's about only seeing what you want to see, until something changes. I love Mick Taylor and Christie Vozniak friends since high school, always there for each other, room mates for 10 years. The ending has a extra twist and love this movie. I only review the movies that folks might miss out on. It's on Amazon Prime. Just remember low budget movie about friendships and the unexpected.


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