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Uncle Nick (2015)

Uncle Nick (2015)

Brian PosehnPaget BrewsterMissi PyleScott Adsit
Chris Kasick


Uncle Nick (2015) is a English movie. Chris Kasick has directed this movie. Brian Posehn,Paget Brewster,Missi Pyle,Scott Adsit are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Uncle Nick (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Sport movie in India and around the world.

Lewd, drunken Uncle Nick (Brian Posehn: Mr. Show & Sarah Silverman Program) stumbles his way through his brother's cookie-cutter family's annual Christmas gathering in the hopes of hooking up. Presented by Errol Morris, Uncle Nick is a comedy of inappropriate behavior, uncomfortably interrupted trysts, and a monumental over-serving of ten-cent beers.


Uncle Nick (2015) Reviews

  • Say hello to uncle Nick...


    I must admit that I didn't have any particular expectations to "Uncle Nick", so I was more than pleasantly surprised with how fun and entertaining this movie actually turned out to be. Now, this is not your average run-of-the-mill Christmas comedy. No. "Uncle Nick" goes beyond simple humor and adds some dark and fairly weird layers to the frame. But it all works out quite nicely, because director Chris Kasick truly managed to utilize the full potential available here. The story is about Nick (played by Brian Posehn) who go to spend Christmas with his younger brother Cody (played by Beau Ballinger), his brother's wife Sophie (played by Paget Brewster) and her daughter Valerie (played by Melia Renee) and son Marcus (played by Jacob Houston). However, Nick likes to drink more alcohol than he should, and there is little brotherly love between the two siblings. It is the quirky characters that really shine in this movie, because there are so many of them. And having characters like this really brings a movie to life so well on the screen. And it really helps that they had cast some really good talents for the various roles, actors who individually also brought something good and unique to the movie. This is not an in-your-face kind of comedy. No, the comedy here is dark and often subtle. But it works nicely in favor of the movie, especially because the comedy is tied to the characters and the situations that they find themselves in. As I said earlier, then I was more than genuinely surprised with "Uncle Nick", and I most definitely was entertained. I am giving "Uncle Nick" a well-deserved six out of ten stars. If you enjoy seasonal comedies, then you should give "Uncle Nick" a chance.

  • Worth a watch


    I wasn't sure about this at first but decided to watch it because of the reviews. It was definitely worth watching and I'll probably watch it again. I didn't go into it with expectations, I just let it be what it was and it was pretty entertaining. We laughed quite a bit. I would definitely recommend it.

  • NOT a "Family Christmas Movie, " but a Christmas Movie About a Family


    FIRST THING, PLEASE, THIS IS NOT A MOVIE FOR KIDS, NOT TEENS EITHER!! VERY SENSITIVE TOPICS LIKE INCEST ARE AT THE FOREFRONT. PLEASE DON'T LET YOUR KIDS WATCH! I've been saying for YEARS that Brian Poshen needed a movie where he was the lead, and here it is in a "Christmas Movie" Uncle Nick... I use the term "Christmas Movie" loosely, because it's as much about Christmas as it is Baseball, Alcohol, and trying to get in the pants(or skirt) of your new sister - in -law's 20 year old HIGHLY flirtatious and promiscuous daughter! Brian's character - as we find out, has always done the "right thing" by taking over the family business, paying for his mother in the nursing home, when his sister(who clearly isn't financially able to help) and his brother who was making a ton of money at his winery- that he sold because his new wife wanted him to stay at home for some reason, but is marketing and selling t shirts he creates, neither contributes to their mother's care! And it's always up to him to coordinate things like bringing Mom to family gatherings, so when the nurse told him she was ill, instead of visiting her, or checking for themselves, they just ranted at him! His new sister in law got with his brother while she was still married, shes well off, and she's very traditional, almost to the point of being controlling and he can't stand it! That coupled with his intense resentment of his entitled, good - looking brother, and a HORRIBLE tragedy that happened to him on Christmas 8 years back that's driven him to become an alcoholic, this is a recipe for a disaster! When his new niece starts coming onto him hard and strong, he has zero thoughts that it isn't right, because he'd been thinking about her like that for a while, and she's 20... Everything listed above leads to comic turns, and also some real, AWFUL DISASTERS! I laughed, I cried, and in the end I went away feeling REALLY BAD! I tried not to let that influence my rating, because the fact that it could make me feel something THAT INTENSE is proof that it was well written! And it WAS! I tried to base my rating on the script, actors, how real it seemed, cinematography. The cast was spectacular! I LOVE Padget Brewster! Criminal minds is one of my ALL - TIME favorites!!! The reason it got a 5 was a couple things. #1 the whole baseball thing - and I'm a huge fan - was confusing! I thought he was using it to express a deeper meaning and a correlation to events, but then he surprised me at the end to say it was just about his parents 1st date! WHAT?!?! Totally deflated my balloon!!! And then the whole incest thing! It was REVOLTING and DISGUSTING and it made me want to reach through the screen and throttle someone!!! I've said too much already, I usually don't give away spoilers, but I REALLY hope my review can keep other people and innocent kids from watching this awful movie thinking it's a Family Movie!!!

  • Expected better


    Love the two lead cast but it just didn't win me over. Not a great watch as I hoped it would be.

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