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The Outer Wild (2018)

The Outer Wild (2018)

Lauren McKnightChristian OliverJeffrey Vincent PariseTory Taranova
Philip Chidel


The Outer Wild (2018) is a English movie. Philip Chidel has directed this movie. Lauren McKnight,Christian Oliver,Jeffrey Vincent Parise,Tory Taranova are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Outer Wild (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After an unnatural event leaves mankind nearly extinct, a runaway girl and a rogue bounty hunter brave a dangerous wilderness to find a fabled sanctuary that can either save or destroy what's left of humanity.

The Outer Wild (2018) Reviews

  • My only review posted


    I just had to write this after trying to watch this awful movie . If you could take all the feminist ideals about how evil man is and how perfect women are and put them into movie form this is it. Men are beasts that only want to cage women. Women are innocent creatures only wanting to be free from ALL men. I don't know what snowflake university backed the funding for this film but it's definatly the most hateful biased piece of drivel I've ever watched.

  • Rubbish


    Absolutely rubbish hardly anything makes sense and the ending is pointless. Total waste of time

  • Dry dream-chasing


    Ordinary tale that end up forgettable, all the way to some of the most uninspiring or dullest finale seen in flickdom.

  • A wild with no danger


    Part of me was intrigued by 'The Outer Wild's' concept, if executed right it could have been fun and inventive with nice tension. The cover was reasonably cool if not an innovative one. With a less than inviting critical and audience reception, there was apprehension but with a concept with a lot of potential there was determination to go against the grain and at least find it watchable. Alas, it was good potential completely ruined by irredeemably bad execution in for me one of the worst films of its type. 'The Outer Wild' was yet another film that was as bad as indicated by the things that made me apprehensive before watching. Really try not to take ratings to heart, and am almost all the time very good at that, and always watch films with an open mind despite how it sounds, but it was very hard to do that with 'The Outer Wild', having seen so many films recently that are lowly rated and poorly reviewed and they turned out to be that bad and worse. 'The Outer Wild' is one of those. 'The Outer Wild' looks like it was shot and edited on a limited budget and with very tight time constraints, it just looks so drab and chaotic with afterthought-like visual effects. Would have completely forgiven that if the rest of the film overcame that hurdle and had all the other components done well in spite of. That wasn't to be. Nothing memorable about the music, which is over-bearingly recorded and not always very well placed. The direction has no life or personality, which severely hurts the film's momentum (continually long-winded) while there is nothing natural in the rambling and clumsy dialogue filled with utter gibberish that was impossible to take seriously. Hurting 'The Outer Wild' most was the story, which was basically non-stop dullness and utter nonsense. So many parts are hard to follow, was completely lost most of the time, and usually my comprehension is just fine, being someone who has had no issue understanding films in the past that are criticised for being confusing (won't name them in order to be fair). There is no sense of danger which severely hurts any tension or suspense, no excitement thanks to the pacing being so plodding, no imagination and nothing unsettling. The ending is a tedious and pointless head-scratcher that fails to make sense. Couldn't care at all for the characters, that one learns nothing about and they are basically sketchy stereotypes written in a distastefully biased way. Am not going to mention the acting due to all the performances being so forgettable. that nobody stands out. Summing up, awful. 1/10 Bethany Cox

  • why?


    What king of logic was in the mind of writers to write so primitive story and so nonsense dialogs? What forced people to take part in this ...? Whole movie I searched answer to these questions and didn't founded. I don't understand any reason of characters to act in that way like they did, especially at the end. Why? What it was? Actors was much better than this awful movie and only that man and woman helped me to watch it in hope it will be understandable later.


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