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The Night Crew (2015)

The Night Crew (2015)

Luke GossBokeem WoodbineDanny TrejoPaul Sloan
Christian Sesma


The Night Crew (2015) is a English movie. Christian Sesma has directed this movie. Luke Goss,Bokeem Woodbine,Danny Trejo,Paul Sloan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. The Night Crew (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

THE NIGHT CREW centers on a group of hard up bounty hunters who must survive the night in a desert motel against a horde of savage border runners. They soon realize that their fugitive, a mysterious Chinese woman, is much more than she lets on.

The Night Crew (2015) Reviews

  • Pitiful DTV


    Danny Trejo who is on the front cover is doing a cameo only. A bunch of bounty hunters crossed the Mexican border to bring back a mysterious girl who is going to testify against some cartel kingpin. We don't really care actually. It's poorly directed. They are supposed to be special ops team and they act like a bunch of amateurs during the siege in the motel. They scream "no" each time one of them is hit by a bullet. So cliché. The dialogs are horrible. "Promise me you will keep on going if I am going down". Totally forgettable. I don't even know if I can write 10 lines for this total garbage.

  • Ineffective


    The IMDb plot section announces: "They soon realize that their fugitive [...] is much more than she lets on." We do as well. We realise who she is in the first minutes. From there, we expect fun... that never comes because the story decides that the bounty hunters will remain ignorant. So, instead of what we want, we get dull images, boring gunfights in the dark. Of course the bad guys always miss, with either assault rifles or rocket launchers, while the average guys (who hunt people for money, so no, I can't call them good guys) are as good at bullseye as they are at bullshit. Realising their inferiority at handling heavy weapons, the professional killers later opt for much better tactics, going one by one and hand-to-hand against the gun-wielding hero, with the results that you would expect. The Night Crew is one of those movies. The action scenes do not make up for their inanity, in either tension, humour or spectacle. They are simply bad. As for Danny Trejo, don't expect to see much of him. He is there sporadically, and only for talks.

  • Nice B action flick with a welcome twist


    Greetings from Lithuania. "The Night Crew" (2015) is enjoyable low budget action flick with some nice twist. It's nothing original or exciting, but it is very watchable and can be even enjoyable, if you will lower your expectations first. The plot is simple but there is one nice bloody twist which i won't spoil. There are some gory scenes and it's kinda bloody picture, but it's not to bloody or disgusting. Acting was OK, nothing special although i liked performance by Chasty Ballesteros - she looks sexy and she gave probably the best performance in this movie - so it's a double win for viewer :) Overall, "The Night Crew" (or better known as a "Blackwater") is a B action flick with some intriguing twist. If you skip it, you won't going to regret it or loose anything, but it worth a look on a boring evening.

  • B-Action with a twist


    A girl is on the run from someone or something. The bad guys catch up with her but just at that moment another group appears and rescues her. This group is made up of bounty-hunters and grabbing her is their job. The main guy is Wade, his sidekick is Rose and there are two more guys. This girl though is something else, she's not appreciative at all, doesn't have anything to say. At some point she escapes from these guys. In the meantime we learn that her captor is the big bad drug mobster around: Danny Trejo, who else. He's into young girls and wants to girl back at all costs. The girl hides in some abandoned motel. Our bounty-hunters find her and decide to wait for Trejo's gang to show up. Now we learn that this girl does have something special. Somehow she knows stuff about our guys that she couldn't have known. At this point we get to hear all the relationship gossip among the group for some reason until the bad guys show up and the shootout ensues. Eventually we learn what's going on with the girl and it's a neat twist. The Night Crew is a B-action movie that aspires to be a bit more than just that, but doesn't really succeed. Casting is strong with Goss, Trejo, Faulhaber. Sloan does a great job but his character doesn't get much camera-time unfortunately. The action is decent, direction is good, the writing could be better. The movie looks good, too. The problem is that there isn't really much of a central character to root for and for no good reason they decided to film the main part of this movie at night, which doesn't work all that well with action movies. The character of the girl, instead of being fascinating is instead somewhat annoying. I did appreciate the sexual tension between her and Rose though. Overall, the concept is pretty good but the script and execution needed more work.

  • Great action flick with a decent twist


    I mean it's another one of Danny Trejo's more indie like movies similar to Machete but if your into action flicks this one is definitely worth giving a watch. The ending has a serious twist that you may or may not see coming (I didn't). The acting isn't the most spectacular, but c'mon it's a low budget action movie and you get what you pay for. I thoroughly enjoyed it, if you like the Machete series then I don't see why you wouldn't enjoy this. The plot revolves around a women connected to some big time cartel boss whom bounty hunters quasi-kidnap to take across the border for their bounty. Things don't necessarily go as planned and they maybe don't know enough about their bounty and or mission beforehand to accurately assess the situation and prepare accordingly. That's pretty much all you'll need to know, from there on its non stop firefights and fisticuffs with a little twist at the end.


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