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The Hard Way (2019)

The Hard Way (2019)

Michael Jai WhiteLuke GossRandy CoutureMadalina Anea
Keoni Waxman


The Hard Way (2019) is a English movie. Keoni Waxman has directed this movie. Michael Jai White,Luke Goss,Randy Couture,Madalina Anea are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. The Hard Way (2019) is considered one of the best Action movie in India and around the world.

After learning his brother died on a mission in Romania, a former soldier teams up with two allies to hunt down a mysterious enemy and exact revenge.

The Hard Way (2019) Reviews

  • Poorly Done


    Michael Jai White is a decent actor with incredible martial arts skills. Please get him a script for a good movie!!!!!!!

  • Let's throw all the cliches and see which ones stick


    Poorly written, poorly directed, terrible acting by almost everyone and the most outrageous collection of cliches I have come across in quite a while. Sadly, it doesn't fall in the "it's so bad it's good" category. It's just bad.

  • Very forgettable stuff


    To sum up, "The Hard Way" is a B movie actioner that will fail to give you much excitement, and you'll quickly and completely forget about it after a few days of watching it. The fault with the movie does not lie with its star Michael Jai White - he is as charismatic as ever, and he does put in a lot of effort with his performance and in fight sequences. Instead, the fault lies with the movie writer and director, Keoni Waxman. The script is very familiar, so there are absolutely no surprises, even with the so-called "surprise twist" near the end of the movie. As for Waxman's direction, though he occasionally generates a little heat with the action sequences (though more often than not they are kind of choppy), his direction is often pretentious (what's with the black and white moments and the freeze frame moments?), poorly photographed, makes the Romanian backdrop look like it was filmed in Montreal, and sluggishly and leisurely paced. Though the end results are a little better than the terrible direct to video Steven Seagal movies he cranked out in the past, one will still question why Waxman still is in business after all these years. He has to learn the hard way that he simply can't cut it as a filmmaker.

  • Seriously? 4.6? Thats way too good for this crap


    I think the director got the wrong script. Or maybe he got the right script but it was the first draft. I mean holly ***** . Nothing seems to be right in the film. Every scene is full of comedy. I mean it. Its like they have taken out all scenes from a video game. Remember old playstation 2 games? Like Driv3r and GTA san andreas and that stuff? Its like those scenes. But really like I said its just comedy. You watch and laugh. I think if this film gets enough attention it will turn to be a classic movie. Just like The Room

  • Has to be the worst movie I watched in a long time


    The acting is bad, the photography is bad, the directing is awful. The action happens in Romania but nobody speaks Romanian. The list could go on but it's just not worth the time.

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