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The Beach Bum (2019)

The Beach Bum (2019)

Matthew McConaugheySnoop DoggIsla FisherStefania LaVie Owen
Harmony Korine


The Beach Bum (2019) is a English,Spanish movie. Harmony Korine has directed this movie. Matthew McConaughey,Snoop Dogg,Isla Fisher,Stefania LaVie Owen are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. The Beach Bum (2019) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

A rebellious stoner named Moondog lives life by his own rules.

The Beach Bum (2019) Reviews

  • Not everyone will enjoy it...but I did


    Most people would agree with the statement that McConaughey does his best work in stoner roles, this is not a straightforward stoner comedy however so don't be disappointed if that's what you are expecting. Anyone who expects anything other than a strange arthouse film from Harmony Korine must not be aware of his style. There is lots to be enjoyed in this film including the humour, music, and supporting cast. It is worth viewing with an open mind, just don't expect Pineapple Express or Cheech and Chong.

  • The Last Movie


    Another post-irony prank. Remember in Spring Breakers how there was this trace of conscience behind it? Just enough to see it at social critique as the girls gradually drop out and return back to humanity or face the consequences of their actions, bringing forth some accountable artist at work behind it. Beach Bum hints at avenues where it might go there with the daughters tiredness and stoicism, the ex-wife's fate, and his legal repercussions; but any traces of lessons, growth or consequences are stomped to pieces moments later. Korine's artist commentary is strangely hidden in its excess. Every one of my audience walked out. It's so gleefully immoral that in this universe he's rewarded with the highest accolades society can offer because nothing matters. "He just makes me so crazy." Constantly it makes fun of any kind of real authenticity people can have between each other. It's sarcastic Terrence Malick. It don't care about nothing. A canary in the cold mine in late stage capitalism where one has these infinite resources and distribution, to make fun of god. The court jester throws out his inhibition to mock the king, laughing while getting hanged for it. Problem with both this and Spring Breakers is they become the real deal, actual culture in the process of their critique. While works like this you can only see the meaning in the opposite. So the film's function seems to be mocking its own audience and their motives to see it in the first place. Think of the performance art as the juggle of financing, banking, courting the industry to make this at all, reflecting the machine's decay against itself. You could hate getting dragged through the mud but it's pretty much the definition of iconoclast. Korine said, "These films mean nothing to me and everything." As in it's his way of chipping away and bringing down the structure from within. Its existence is an act in radical accelerationism. The end of the empire. collapse, civil war, the global digital juggernaut paradise-hell. The ones not concerned with the world around them move the same direction except within delight. Then the moral frame missing unlocks its true motive in reflecting the surrounding culture at war. Individual to a satiric extreme; laissez-fair 'life is fun, have a laugh, there's Moondog in all of us', while really believing the opposite. Bum is a pejorative. The film's conscience is not missing but inherent, and all the 'endearing' and 'feel good,' despite its endless evils and debauchery, are maybe being fooled by Moondog's charm, which might have been its actual prank.

  • What was the whole point of this movie?


    I watched this movie in hopes that it would be a comedy and have some context and relevancy of what is happening or going to happen, but this movie was completely obscure. The pornographic content and all the radical behavior is not the problem, it was the story of the movie. There was none. If the goal of the movie was to have a movie about drugs and sex then you don't even get that in this movie. This movie is a complete failure. A waste of time. I could have been reading a book rather than watching this film about a druggy write a book.

  • A Middle movie with no real beginning or ending


    Beach Bum is a movie about Moondog. He's a staple in Key West where he spends his days getting high, drinking PBR and occasionally writing. He's a poet by profession but dedicates all his time medicated. He has a wife that has a lover and a daughter that settled into marrying a man so dull he makes a Mormon seem exciting. Beach Bum is director Harmony Korine recent attempt to highlight a character that colors outside the lines. If you're familiar with his work, you know that his movie pace can be belaboring such is the case here. Matthew McConaughey playing a Stoner is not a stretch. Those expectations remain low upon viewing this movie. Beach Bum has many issues. The movie boasts an all-star cast but grossly misuses them. The concept for Beach Bum wasn't wrong; its execution is what was troublesome. Moondog eccentric mannerism was only charming for an hour after that it became laboring. Snoop Dog was also misplaced. One would think a movie that features weed as one of the themes and the charisma of Snoop would create magic on screen, but it doesn't. He's a limiting sidekick. One of the most dynamic artists of our time and he's lackluster. Jonah Hill as Lewis Moondog's publicist also isn't very interesting. I get that this movie was about celebrating Key West laid back way of life. The whole idea of tuning out very much exists there lamented among the thousands of tourists but it's not executed well. Zac Efron pops up as a fellow stoner and luckily for him, this performance will hopefully be forgotten seeing that he just turned in a fantastic performance as Ted Bundy. The bright light in this train wreck was Martin Lawrence. Lawrence hasn't made many movies lately. His comedic bone brings much-needed humor to a film that otherwise seemed in slow motion at times. Director Harmony Korine has given us much better work. I understand what he was attempting here, but the bottom line is the movie got stuck in neutral and just became predictable, instead of giving us an insight to a character that is very comfortable in his skin Moondog became a caricature. They're not wrong with going of grind, but a movie requires progression. You know a beginning, a middle and an end. We got two hours of a middle. Matthew McConaughey at this stage in his career should not portray boring characters such as this; however, since his academy award, his roles have been stale. Gone is the young gunner from Texas that shook up Hollywood and in its place an artist that seems to have settled for an easy check. I am not giving up on McConaughey yet, but Beach Bum isn't the way back to memorable.

  • A brilliant expression of the joy of life


    The Beach Bum shows us the joys of life despite the pain of loss, death and poverty. It's a celebration of life embodied in a remarkable performance by Matthew McConaughey. Moondog is an exultant poet, more enamored with life than poetry, who lives an excessively pleasurable life with a poetic bent. Give yourself over to the film and you will have a good time, and in the end that's what it's really about.


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