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Strippers vs Werewolves (2012)

Strippers vs Werewolves (2012)

Adele SilvaMartin CompstonBilly MurrayAli Bastian
Jonathan Glendening


Strippers vs Werewolves (2012) is a English movie. Jonathan Glendening has directed this movie. Adele Silva,Martin Compston,Billy Murray,Ali Bastian are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Strippers vs Werewolves (2012) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Crime,Fantasy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

When werewolf Mickey is accidentally killed in a strip club, the girls who work there have until the next full moon before his bloodthirsty wolf pack seek murderous retribution.

Strippers vs Werewolves (2012) Reviews

  • That title is brilliant, even if the rest isn't


    Well, the title of this film might lead you to think that this is either really cool in a postmodern ironic sort of way or truly dire. It's worth watching just so you can make your mind up. For me, it almost worked. Although some of the acting is poor, there are some good performances in here: Martin Compston (Red Road, Sweet 16, True North) is particularly good. Ali Bastian (Hollyoaks), Sarah Douglas (Superman), Charlie Bond (GBH) and Steven Berkoff (Clockwork Orange and about 100 things since) are all worth watching. The soundtrack is spectacular: 20 original tracks with an 80s vibe from Sodajerker. That's not a Swedish band, it's a pair of guys from Liverpool whose work deserves to be in something more mainstream that this. The plot actually makes sense, if you can follow it. A stripper manages to kill a werewolf with a silver fountain pen. His mates want revenge. Her colleagues put up a fight. Obviously there's a bit more to it than that. The technical side is quite good, even though the pacing is all wrong. There's blood, nudity, some good lines. Above all it's very British. Reminded me of Shaun of the Dead. Not quite as good overall. But if it had been produced properly it would not have been far off. And that title is brilliant.

  • Absolute garbage not even worthy of a drunken nights viewing...


    This movie stinks on so many levels that you will be aghast at how it got made... First the plot is so childish that I thought I was watching an episode of those creepy Chuckle Brothers with boobs and arse thrown in for good measure... Next was the acting, considering that these actors were not complete amateurs and some have played some really good roles in both TV and film it was pitiful to see them floundering around in this film like kids in a school play with all the lack of context and amateurish line delivery of an 8 year old... One of the things that makes good comedy is getting the timing right, one of the things about great comedy is getting the timing perfect, this film managed to deliver its gags (if you can call such ridiculous schoolboy humour gags) without any timing at all and the gags were too childish to be funny to adults and too filled with sexual meaning for kids to get them so I wonder who the target audience was supposed to be? The effects were ridiculous, the script was ridiculous, the acting was well below par for those who took part, the direction was the only joke in this film (Except the joke at the paying audiences expense), the split screen cinematography was just bloody annoying and as for the trendy comic book images flashed up in place of action well the less said about that the better... All in all this film failed both as a comedy, it certainly failed as a horror, in fact the only thing it succeeded in was as a documentary on how not to make a film...

  • One way or another, it'll make you howl


    I won't beat around the bush. The acting is horrible, the script risible, the makeup and prosthetics are dire and probably the least said about the plot the better. With the number of ex-soap actors in it, perhaps it's not surprising that the film seems to derive much of it's inspiration and ethos from Crossroads and El Dorado. Put simply, it's bad. I guessed that from the title. What surprised me is that it manages to cross that line from 'bad' to 'so bad it's good'. I'll admit I didn't know it was supposed to be a comedy when I watched it and I wouldn't have guessed they were trying to be intentionally funny, but looking on it as a (bad) horror - it was hilarious. I nearly gave it an 8.

  • Cheesy in all the right ways.


    I'm a huge movie buff. and I would definitely watch this again. My name for a movie like this is a "sh*tgore". They're obviously not meant to be high budget or good but I'd much rather watch this than something like Insidious or the try hard and fail horror movies like today. This isn't a horror, or even scary, as I said it's just meant to be funny with some cheap gore. Typically, I don't like British films, British gore or anything but this was actually pretty funny. It's cheap and gimmicky in all the right ways. I think they did a really good job for it to be what it was, if you're expecting something like scorsese you should just walk away. The intro was really good, my favorite part. The soundtrack is pretty cool, I've actually added a few songs to my playlist. It's cheesy but really funny,and it's just fun to watch and laugh at the cheap acting. Although the cinematography was actually really good. I'd give it a 8/10 for the genre that I classify it in, something like killer klowns would be a 10. Anyhow, if you like funny horrible movies, this is a good one.

  • Wait until it gets shown on channel 4


    Thought i well let people know (Warn) about Strippers v Werewolves, as i went to the premiere last night in London. The UK is brilliant at making Horror Comedies (Think Dog Soldiers & Shaun of the dead) However this isn't one of them. This film has 3 good points - A couple of great cameos (Alan Ford & Robert Englund) The nerdy vampire killer boyfriend (Hillarious at the end) and the end scene as the 4 strippers in stockings and suspenders dressed as little red riding hood. But even these 3 great point aren't enough to save this shocking(ly bad) film. Let me start by saying what annoyed me the most, The soundtrack. I think it was supposed to be a new take on 80's new romantic era, but it was just awful. The cinema was full of cast and friends of friends, I can only assume the soundtrack was done by one of these as a favour. As i said earlier, it is build as a horror comedy, Although it had a few laughs, i cant remember one moment that i actually jumped (unlike Dog Soldiers) Cheesy lines, horrific acting in places & and some strippers that weren't even that good looking. I was hoping for a UK version of Zombie Strippers and got something that wouldn't be a miss on one of those free to air horror channels on sky. Ali Bastian was decent in it, However i feel it probably won't do much for her career (Maybe she just had some bills to pay) Adele Silva actually looked better in person than on film, where she just looked like a bulldog sucking on a thistle. The make up was so bad, i can only assume it was done by make up students learning they're trait. The funniest point of the night was the end of the film when everyone applauded, thats when the lights came up and i realised everyone except me had a cameo in the film! Wait until it gets shown on channel 4 at 1am some when and try to stay awake for Robert Englund's 10 minute cameo. 4/10.


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