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Skinned Deep (2004)

Skinned Deep (2004)

Les PollackAaron SimsKurt CarleyLinda Weinrib
Gabriel Bartalos


Skinned Deep (2004) is a English movie. Gabriel Bartalos has directed this movie. Les Pollack,Aaron Sims,Kurt Carley,Linda Weinrib are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. Skinned Deep (2004) is considered one of the best Comedy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

A family vacation is turned into a nightmare when they are abducted by a family of deranged killers in this "Texas Chainsaw" style comedy sci-fi horror thriller romantic drama.

Skinned Deep (2004) Reviews

  • A roller coaster ride from start to finish


    Skinned deep, this is a masterpiece of bad movie making. To most people, saying that this movie is terrible would be an instant turn off but for me that just sounds like a dare. Enough, about this movie. Its sorta like Rob Zombie's house of 1,000 corpses... well, strike that, its exactly like house of a 1,000 corpses except they had a budget of like 8$. That's slightly unfair, because this did have the star power of Warwick davies. That may sound sarcastic but its not meant to be, Warwick rocks. It also has a guy called Surgeon General who happens to have the coolest mask i've ever seen and some headless guy wearing a belt that proclaims his crotch to be "Dyno-mite". Assuming your still reading this, which may be a mistake on my part, the movie is about a girl whose family is killed in the first 15 minutes of the movie, including her kid brother. Bravo to Skinned deep for breaking rules of killing kids in a monster movie. You should know, in case your mourning the deaths of these imaginary people already, each one of them had it coming. Seeing them die is the first of many oh so rewarding moments in this movie. that moment is in line with a naked man with a gigantic head runningdown a street and a fight between old people and the hick/monsterfamily who really just steal every scene they are in. No part of this movie is a let down, even up to the very end where the best song ever plays through the credits, by song, i mean a girl screaming for like five minutes. I can't urge you to see this any harder, seriously.

  • mint film for all the wrong reasons


    This film sucks but is so bad its hugely entertaining. Wait till you see Brain for the first time - don't be drinking cos you will spit it out all over yourself. The family in the film must be the dumbest bunch of people ever assembled cos for them to believe the story that's fed to em is just ridiculous. The acting is so bad it rocks, the plot is off it's head and special effects are not special. The Surgeon General in it has the strength of ten tigers too. Watch it and love it for all the wrong reasons. Telling it like it is there.

  • Old people, gore, and a midget throwing dinner plates.


    There's no real plot to the movie. It's just a loose collection of ideas strung together in something resembling a plot. That ultimately makes it one bizarre movie. This rivals a Blood Diner or Ichi the Killer for just sheer strangeness. It's not necessarily good but it isn't bad either. I can't really score it as that would imply this is an actual movie and not some bizarre experiment in performance art gone horribly awry. The only real gripe to have with the movie outside of the fact that it looks like it was shot on video, is the aforementioned story. Really, it plays like three different movies. The first third is typical slasher sleaze, the middle is some bizarre form of social commentary, and the last third is a survival film. Really I would've tightened the script up and put it more on a Nightbreed route with the daughter eventually accepting the freaks and finish it out in a finale of bikers vs. freaks in an all-out war. But really I'm guessing that wouldn't have worked as it looked like their budget was already being stretched thin. Consider it one really bizarre movie that was too ambitious for its own good/budget.

  • The Citizen Kane of Horrible Movies


    Let me first start off by saying that Skinned Deep is perfect. Not long ago my friends and I had the idea, on a rainy day, to go rent some horrible looking B movie merely for the laugh factor. While searching Blockbuster we finally decided on Skinned Deep. This movie had everything. We love the fat kid who got cut in half, but somehow it took him a few seconds to realize it. We also loved Plates, the plate throwing midget. His "porcelain" soliloquy made me almost defecate in my pants from laughter. I must say that the Brain character wasn't real interesting, until he ran through the streets of New York nude, for absolutely no reason. (We also saw on the bonus features that they filmed it in New York with real people, and the actor who played Brain even got arrested). However, all of these characters combined don't come close in greatness to our favorite character, Shakes. He had us from "F@ck You". Shakes is a man in his eighties who apparently suffers from some disease that makes him shake uncontrollably, but yet still manages to rip the head off a midget and punt it into the local interstate with a broken foot. If every movie had Shakes in it, I would be a happy man. Overall, the acting was bad (they must of gotten the actors from the Ben Affleck School of Theatre), the special effects were a joke, and the plot was absurd. But in the end, isn't that what you would want from a crappy movie. Kudos, to the director for realizing the potential for comedy. The unfortunate thing about renting Skinned Deep first, is that now every time we try and watch a bad movie for the comedic value, it doesn't compare and we always end up talking about Skinned Deep.

  • Sucks as horror movie, okay as comedy


    I still remember the General... Nice Jaw, nice overall look. That, and that it was stupid. Very stupid. Bad acting (not as bad as in movies like "Abscent of Light" or "Goth", but stupid), bad music, bad story, lots of gore and goofy characters. Seriously, the movie is meant to be comedic, or how else could you interpret a wrestling match between a senior citizen and a midget? A plate-throwing dwarf? The grannies and grandpas getting ready for war? The colorful comic - like look? This one never wanted to be taken serious, and as long as you don't, you might enjoy it. If you are indeed looking for a deeper sense or some kind of message, you're completely lost. Then again, if you dislike cheap splatter movies, why did you even rent it?


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