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Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)

Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)

Dolph LundgrenBrandon LeeCary-Hiroyuki TagawaTia Carrere
Mark L. Lester


Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991) is a English,Japanese movie. Mark L. Lester has directed this movie. Dolph Lundgren,Brandon Lee,Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa,Tia Carrere are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1991. Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Detective Chris Kenner was orphaned as a child as his father was in the service and was killed and lived in Japan. Now he is on the trail of ruthless Yakuza leader named Yoshido, who helped establish a small Japanese area in Los Angeles and is now running a drug ring disguised as a brewery. However, Kenner must team up with a Japanese-American detective named Johnny Murata, and he also must protect a witness named Minako who would testify against Yoshido. But what Kenner will soon discover that he will be in a lot more than what he bargained for.


Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991) Reviews

  • One of the best "bad" movies you'll ever see !


    This cheesy 80's classic with it's awful continuity, dreadful script, half baked story and wooden acting still rates as one of my favourite films of its kind. The plot is loosely based around Dolph Lundgren's character "Kenner" setting out for revenge on the Yakuza Oyabun "Yoshida" who killed his parents when he was a child. Years later Kenner is an LA cop and crosses paths once more with Yoshida when he comes to the USA to set up a drugs syndicate. As you'd expect, you get to watch Dolph and his side kick played by Brandon Lee kicking ass and shooting holes in everything that moves. There are a bevy of good looking, half naked women on display, the most delicious of which is a young Tia Carrere. My personal favourite in all the filming errors has to be when Kenner sustains a gunshot wound and immediately clasps his shoulder in pain followed by the words ..."Its OK, it went straight through". A moment later the camera views him from the rear and there is no exit wound ! Even better though, a few moments later the camera re-focuses on Kenners naked chest and the bullet wound is no where near his shoulder, its actually in the left lung / heart region ! I don't think he would be in any state to carry on fighting with that injury !!! Because "Showdown in little Tokyo" refuses to take itself seriously, much in the same mould as John Carpenters "Big trouble in Little china" did, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the total self indulgence that this film allows you ! Great fun. 7 out of 10.

  • Give it a break!


    Reading some of these comments, it occurred to me no one seems to know how to have fun anymore. This movie is not meant to be a great movie. I don't think any of the actors had intention of trying for an oscar. It's simply a fun movie. The action sequences are pretty cool and the one liners are hysterical. Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee are a great action pair. The chemistry between them is amazing. If you just want to watch a movie that's going to make you laugh, and get some good action with it, I highly recommend Showdown.

  • What's The Problem?


    People seem to be awful hard on this movie. I guess they must not be action fans. I mean, come on, this movie's only purpose is to entertain. And it does its job well. It moves at a very fast pace for its short 79 minutes, has lots of good action, and a good sense of humor. What more could you ask for in an action movie. I don't know about you,but thats all I ask for in a action movie. Its not art and its not supposed to be. 3 out of 4 stars.

  • Cult classic starring Dolph and Brandon


    Macho B-movie madness at its sublime best, this crazy action quickie is about as braindead as you can get: wooden acting, a terrible story and a script that truly sucks. But with all the mindless violence on offer who really cares. Gun battles, martial arts, Samurai sword slashing and gory deaths are the order of the day, not to mention plenty of beautiful ladies treated like playthings and shedding clothes at every opportunity. Despite the tits and guns, there is some kind of story: Kenner (Lundgren) is on a mission of vengeance. His parents were killed when he was ickle by crazy Yakuza thug Yoshida (Tagawa), an ice-cool super-villain now specialising in drug dealing and generally looking mean. Kenner, adept in the Samurai ways, grows to be a law-abiding copper who's now right on his tail. Male bonding ensues when policeman Johnny Murata (Lee, in his US debut), a hip-talking dude with street credentials, is assigned as Kenner's partner in crime, and all hell simply breaks loose. You could say that there's an artistic angle to all this fighting, shooting and banging, but then that would be a lie - Showdown in Little Tokyo is a classic in a completely different sense of the word.

  • A classic!


    This is one of the action-movies i grew up with. Seeing it again on TV just brings back a lot of memories. And actually the movie itself is not all crap either! Kenner (Lundgren) and Murata (Lee) both have trouble keeping their partners. Now they team up together to fight the Yakuza in Los Angeles. Buddy cop pictures are not the most uncommon movies to say the least. But this is a movie that has it all. Campy acting, the worst one-liners ever, nicely choreographed fighting, evil Asians and heroes that are always on each others case. Not to mention the super-evil villain played here by the legendary Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa who should be quite used to these kinds of roles by now. So, this is not exactly quality and it's not exactly good. But still it contains all the elements that made it an instant classic when i saw it for the first time. Half-naked women, cool heroes and loads of action. So the rating is based more on the memories than the actual movie. But for me this will always be a 7/10.


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