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Samâ uôzu (2009)

Samâ uôzu (2009)

Ryûnosuke KamikiNanami SakurabaMitsuki TanimuraTakahiro Yokokawa
Mamoru Hosoda


Samâ uôzu (2009) is a Japanese,English movie. Mamoru Hosoda has directed this movie. Ryûnosuke Kamiki,Nanami Sakuraba,Mitsuki Tanimura,Takahiro Yokokawa are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2009. Samâ uôzu (2009) is considered one of the best Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Romance,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

Kenji Koiso, an eleventh grade math genius, agrees to take a summer job at the Nagano hometown of his crush, Natuski. When he arrives, he finds that her family have reunited to celebrate the 90th birthday of the family matriarch. His job is to pretend to be Natsuki's fiancé. Meanwhile, his attempt to solve a mathematical equation causes a parallel world's collision with earth.


Samâ uôzu (2009) Reviews

  • Easily one of the better anime movies out there


    I adore this movie. Something about its mad mix of colourful, vibrant portrayal of virtual world and down to earth family life in rural Japan really appeals to me. These two stories are so far away from one another, yet they manage to tell a coherent, heartwarming story about the bonds that define us and that allow us to function with one another. It's a simple story - though yes, as a scifi story it has some bizarre elements - but it's told well, with special attention paid to the quiet moments and the little gestures we make when in the company of someone else. And I really liked the Jinnouchi Clan. I could easily place myself among these people and feel immediately at home. I know that one uncle, who's loud and boisterous and all about big, material things. I have one. I know that teenage emo cousin, who's made of awkward. I have one. I know that aunt, who's bossing people around with a verbal whip and shrill voice. I have one, unfortunately. So yes, I love this movie, and definitely recommend it to each and every one out there. If there is something that I have to nitpick about, it's that the movie doesn't have that awe-inspiring quality. It's not going to be an instant classic that everyone will talk about in the coming years. It has all the right elements. Stunning visuals, great story, identifiable characters, good romance, nice music... Yet it lacks that special something, that final spark. Instead it's just a really nice film.

  • I absolutely loved "Summer Wars"!


    If you liked 2006's "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time," you're going to absolutely love "Summer Wars." Mamoru Hosoda's new film is an oddball mix of science fiction, cyber-punk, teen romance and family comedy/drama, all rolled up into one beautiful, lavish-looking Anime' that also somehow manages to throw in a pretty chilling end-of-the-world fight for the future of humanity. This has to be the best animated film to come out so far this year, or was it last year (I honestly can't remember). All I know is, I would have passed this film had I not read "The Washington Post's" "Style" section early one morning. Regardless of how you feel about Japanese animation, "Summer Wars" is one film that the whole family can enjoy. Unlike most family films, however, this one doesn't insult the intelligence of the audience, nor does it treat its characters in a half-a**ed, perfunctory fashion. Every character in this film is alive and brimming over the top with personality, poise and humor, a rarity in most films these days - whether they be animated or live-action. But you know how most American audiences are here: they're pathologically afraid of anything foreign (i.e., not American). And then there's also all those negative stereotypes that Japanese animation is violent and full of sex. Not true here. It all just shows the marvelous degree of attention to detail that Hosoda paid to this project. It definitely has the makings of a labor of love for the Japanese filmmaker. "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" was an enjoyably light-hearted sci-fi/comedy romp in its own right. I liked it well enough (I rated it a 10/10), yet I still something felt missing from it. I didn't find anything missing from "Summer Wars," a brilliantly inventive and highly original movie that combines elements of the online virtual world Second Life, "The Social Network" (2010), "The Matrix" (1999), "Meet the Parents" (2000), and "The Simpsons" together with a bunch of other stuff I can't really remember. 17-year-old high schooler Kenji Koiso is a mathematical genius who like most high school geniuses, is shy, uncoordinated, and inarticulate in the area of girls and love. Things become even more complicated for him when the girl of his dreams (and fellow classmate) Natsuki Shinohara "hires" him out to be her fake fiancé to please her ailing great-grandmother at an upcoming family reunion. Cue the family dramatics. Cue the crazy and/or obnoxious relatives. Cue all-out familial craziness! Sakae Jinnouchi is the 90-year-old family matriarch of this motley bunch of oddball relatives. The Jinnouchi clan fought bravely against the army of the Tokugawa shogunate that ruled all of Japan for nearly three centuries. The spirit of the Jinnouchi clan lives on to the present day, as poor Kenji finds out first-hand. His feelings for Natsuki will have to take a backseat when he receives a random text message one night that contains a 250-character algorithm. Kenji solves it with little difficulty. The next day, Kenji finds out that he is responsible for bringing down Oz, the film's online equivalent of Facebook combined with MySpace combined with a world-wide chat room/business center. Additionally, when Kenji solved the algorithm, he also gave a malevolent A.I. (artificial intelligence) called "Love Machine" instant access to pretty much everything in the online world. And it isn't long before "Love Machine," using Kenji's online avatar to hack into accounts and steal information, sets its sights on also conquering the real world, even if it means killing all life on Earth as we know it. This apocalyptic showdown between man and A.I. unfolds amidst the family drama at Sakae's hilltop estate - Will Kenji get the pretty girl Natsuki? Will Natsuki return the affection? Who will stop "Love Machine's" online rampage? "Summer Wars" is very easily one of the greatest Anime' films ever made. The film is a dazzling display of vibrant, pretty colors, computer-generated backgrounds/scenery, and lively three-dimensional characters. I honestly haven't been this in love with a group of characters in animated form in a very long time. Every single member of the Jinnouchi family is alive & well and have their time to shine with familiar family theatrics in carefully written scenes of family comedy/drama. And the battle scenes in cyber-space are brilliantly animated and executed, and are appropriately edge-of-your-seat thrilling. You have to give praise to a movie that starts out like something off "The Brady Bunch" and ends with an apocalyptic showdown like in "The Matrix." Now in today's filmmaking industry on both sides of the ocean, that's what I call originality. 10/10

  • What an excellent film! It had everything!


    If you can imagine the easy going yet fascinating Hayao Miyazaki stories, with their kind heartedness and deep Japanese roots being mixed with Denou Coil, you will get Summer Wars. It has good animation, a really cute story and features a cyber battle between a Japanese family and a malicious A.I. inside something that can be seen as the future of Facebook. What I found really nice in the film is that traditional family values are mixed with modern views of the world, a beautiful countryside scenery is mixed with the virtual cyber world of OZ. There are both moral values to be learned from the story as well as the excitement of a crisis and how giving your best can get one past it. I found brilliant the way the scenes of cyber battle were intertwined with scenes of Japanese baseball, birthday then dying rituals, the individual traits of all of the members of the family, all without losing anything, just adding more and more depth to each scene. I highly recommend it for all anime fans and for people who might become so, after watching a masterpiece like Summer Wars.

  • Amazing Detail


    What is most striking about this movie is the detail that's been put into the animation. Only the characters in this animation looks like animation. All the background detail looks so real. It's hard to believe that someone went to this length to put perfection on celluloid. Not only are the scenic details so perfect, the behavior of the Japanese family is also captured perfectly. Kenji a math prodigy high school student who is working part time as a software maintenance crew for virtual reality computer network called Oz is invited to a family gathering by Natsuki at her home town of Ueda city in Nagano prefecture. Unbeknownst to him, he's been introduced to her family as her fiancé. The evening he arrives at Natsuki's family home, he receives a sequence of numbers in his phone's text message. Using his mathematical genius to work, he figures out what the code means, and sends it back to the sender. Next day, Oz network has been hacked in by a malicious computer virus that can learn and expend its control over the Oz community. Oz is connected to almost every public service, and the computer virus take control of the community. It's now up to Kenji and Natsuki's family to figure out how to beat the computer virus. The movie is made for Japanese audience, and it's better if seen with the original Japanese dialog with subtitles. You will get better nuance about how family's interaction is occurring. It's even better if you can understand Japanese. The subtle nuance of character's emotion and intent will be missed otherwise. People who didn't like this movie invariably saw the English dubbed version which doesn't convey the true charm of this movie. Some movie just doesn't translate well when dubbed like "Back to the Future". If you've seen a dubbed version of Back to the Future in other languages, you'll see that all the humorous details didn't make it across the translation. This movie is one such movie. One of the best anime movie to be ever created, Summer Wars is one movie that's worth watching. See the stunning details put into this incredible work of art.

  • Decent, but too conventional.


    "Summer Wars" is an interesting anime movie, but lacks inspiration and magic like "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" (2006), which was also directed by Hosoda Mamoru and produced by Madhouse. Animation, voice acting and music were all above average, but none were truly exceptional. The story and setting were all too common in mainstream anime, a zero-to-hero plot where kids excel over hapless and stubborn adults. Also, "save the world" situation with satellite seemed like a deliberate plot device to raise the stakes. In addition, there were too many unlikely and unnatural setting and story developments that were simply too convenient. Another fatal flaw is the headcount of characters, far too many to properly develop in a movie, with everyone being cardboard cutouts. The characters do not feel real, predicaments seem superficial. It is impossible to connect with the story the way you can with "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time". One thing that really impressed me about this movie though, was the CGI. There were many truly breathtaking 3-D scenes in 'World of OZ', yet these scenes still retained the "anime qualities" that weren't protrusive against characters and 'real world' 2-D cel style anime scenes. "Summer Wars" is an OK movie, but cyberspace is a common theme in anime, and this film fails to stand out. Those expecting a masterpiece comparable to "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" will be disappointed.


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