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Regular Show: The Movie (2015)

Regular Show: The Movie (2015)

J.G. QuintelWilliam SalyersSam MarinMark Hamill
J.G. Quintel


Regular Show: The Movie (2015) is a English movie. J.G. Quintel has directed this movie. J.G. Quintel,William Salyers,Sam Marin,Mark Hamill are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Regular Show: The Movie (2015) is considered one of the best Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

After a future, dying Rigby comes to warn the gang about the future, they must time travel back in time to when Mordecai and Rigby were in high school to stop a evil, crazy volleyball coach from destroying time. Will it work? Can Rigby tell the truth even if it will cost him and Mordecai their friendship?

Regular Show: The Movie (2015) Reviews

  • Travel back in time for a great adventure!


    I just came back from watching this and oh boy this exceeded my expectations. I just love the build up and the climax of this story, and also how it plans out. I'm going to go over some details so the people thinking about watching this can read this and get persuaded. The story is very interesting for a regular show episode. It takes part in the past present and future, but I'm not going to ruin the details. I just love seeing the characters interact with each other, and I also love how the story ends. One last bit of comedy. The animation is a higher budget regular show style. Exact same as the actual series, but with some things that tell you that this is a film. Kinda like spongebob the movie (The first one). Also love how some items in this world seem 3D. The music... I found myself digging out to this music and also the intro song. I've gotta find the full version somewhere. Also love how certain songs play in certain scenes. It really does help set the scene. I have no idea why one of the reviewers hated this, but I'd say this is a good special and I can't really find any problems with it. This is a great film and I don't recommend seeing this at the cinemas, but at home with blu ray. This isn't the sort of film to be shown at the cinema, but the film to be seen at home. One thing I can point out is that there's less comedy. I think they were going for this style however just to make this film more serious and engaging. This film still has its share of funny jokes, so you don't need to worry. For now, I'd say this is a great film with a good balance of action, drama but slightly less comedy. 8.5/10

  • Great movie


    I loved this movie. Regular Show is just getting better and better. I was scared for the show a couple of months ago when they were putting out episodes that I hated. I thought the show was running out of material and was going to get canceled, but then they came out with a weeks worth of episodes that I absolutely loved. Then, the movie came out, and my fear of the show getting canceled got completely terminated. This movie was the best. I am no longer afraid for the show's future anymore. They couldn't make it any better, and it DEFINITELY exceeded my expectations. OMG, this is going to be something that I will watch again and again. I am very impressed that they actually pulled off an hour and a half long movie when the longest episode they have ever done was only thirty minutes. I had NO IDEA it would be this good. It was funny, intense, and sad all at the same time. I never knew Regular Show would actually make me cry, yes, I cried twice during the last half of it. I also think that they did a great job with the tone. I thought that this movie's tone was going to be just like a regular episode, except longer, but they actually made it look like a film. Very, very impressive. I never knew the creators had it in them. According to me, Regular Show has made its way back up to being one of the best cartoons out there. I am looking forward to next week's set of new episodes. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!

  • A Regular Movie


    Regular Show is one of my favorite cartoons in Cartoon Network. Could Regular Show The Movie also be my favorite animated movie? Let's see. To be honest the plot doesn't make any sense at all but this is Regular Show and when did it ever make sense, right? Characters are still lovable like in the cartoons. It was quite an adventure to be exact. This movie also doesn't run out of conflicts too. What's unclear to me is that originally, Mr. Ross wants to get revenge on Rigby for some reasons then later in the movie, his goal changed. He now wants to destroy time and the universe? It's kinda bothering me but all in all, it's a decent animated movie. In conclusion, Regular Show The Movie is a decent animated film. If you love Regular Show, then go watch this movie.

  • What a Great Movie From My Favorite show Regular Show.


    Hey Guys It's my 100th review on IMDb So I'm going to do something special by reviewing Regular Show The Movie a Movie based on My Favorite show Regular Show. The Movie was broadcast ed on Cartoon Network On November 25,2015. Anyway the Movie is about Mordecai and Rigby try to save their friendship from an evil volleyball coach Mr. Ross who voiced by Jason Mantzoukas. Anyway my favorite part of the movie is when Muscle Man past self steal the spaceship and skips comes backs and says WHAT DID YOU DO. Anyway I Really enjoyed This Movie and I recommend this Movie to people that are fans of Regular Show. Anyway I'm GravityFalls2 and Have a nice Day. BTW I'm now GravityFalls2 Instead of Regualrshow1. Anyway BYE.

  • It's So Awesome!


    For fans of Reg. Show I would highly recommend this movie. I watched it this morning and absolutely give it 10 stars! No joke. It gives you all the characters you LOVE! Plus has that cool rock tuneage (lol) going on in the background :-) There are plenty of night time scenes and it's futuristic settings are so freakin' cool. I liked watching the high school scenes too. Anyhow, not looking to give away the details but just be sure you pay attention to the difference sequences. What more can I say? (WTH) They want ten lines of text. Hmmm, oh on a personal note, I really enjoy the voice of the creator. Mordecai, so cool. He reminds me of a famous actor in west Hollywood. Just a hint at who...(I'm Native American) OK! That's enough lines of txt! Yep. Good stuff! Check it out now and see what you think?!


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