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Recognize (2012)

Recognize (2012)

One Way BoobeBig sam of the Eastside BoysCity BoysRobin Byrant
Terry Miles


Recognize (2012) is a English movie. Terry Miles has directed this movie. One Way Boobe,Big sam of the Eastside Boys,City Boys,Robin Byrant are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Recognize (2012) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Derrill Davis aka Dee Dee (played by T. Miles) lives the life as a professional used car salesman by day and one of Atlanta's most deadly and feared undercover street gangsters by night. He hooks up partner oneway Boobe aka Ray and does a string of crimes that involve robbing, kidnapping and the killing of well-known drug dealers. When Dee Dee gets a big opportunity to take out one of Atlanta's most known drug dealers, "Bingo" (played by Dino), for $1.3 million, Dee Dee discovers that on the night of the robbery, he is left with a tough decision; break or honor the code of the streets, leave no witnesses.


Recognize (2012) Reviews

  • This could have been good movie


    I decided to watch this movie because I saw trailer for it, or short piece where they basically recorded themselves filming, and it really looked that it might be worth killing couple hours on. Well, it wasn't. In several scenes there is sound of house fire alarm, my guess is somebody was smoking behind the scenes and setting it off, there is sounds of shoes screeching on floor, there is incessant use of fade out effect, and I can honestly say that I have heard N-word more during hour or so I watched this movie (fast forwarding just to get it over with started about 50 min it) than in rest of my life combined. Killings are for most part very pointless, there is no sympathy for any of characters in this movie, character development is seriously lacking, acting is basically few characters repeating same few words over and over and over. There is a scene where a guy is pretending to check electricity/lights. He can simply tell woman he needs to check upstairs. Nobody there knows who he is, and everybody would be off guard. Instead he has woman lead him to door out, then he pulls out gun. It just feels really dumb way to do it. In real life woman could have screamed, and all he would get to do is shoot her before two guys upstairs kill him. In another scene, there is guys mother and wife. Instead of undressing wife, they start undressing his MOTHER ... one has to wonder, what is WRONG with these people? Maybe that was poor attempt at character development, guy might have fetish for older, heavy set women. Most of action is basically one guy holding a gun pointed at people who are either begging for their life, or yelling N word at him. Then he kills them. There are no decent action scenes. I am the 15th person that rated this movie. 14 before me rated it 1/10, as did I. It is a movie that I really feel could have been good. I think actors could act if given chance to. There is a sense of professional approach, it was just pointed in wrong direction. If they make another movie, I would suggest going with better script, I think that is where this movie probably started to fall apart. At script.


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