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Quarries (2016)

Quarries (2016)

Nicole Marie JohnsonCarrie FinnLeisha HaileySara Mornell
Nils Taylor


Quarries (2016) is a movie. Nils Taylor has directed this movie. Nicole Marie Johnson,Carrie Finn,Leisha Hailey,Sara Mornell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Quarries (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

To escape her abusive boyfriend, Kat joins a wilderness expedition with a group of women, all of whom are struggling with the uncertainty of life. What was supposed to be an opportunity for personal discovery quickly becomes a fight for survival, forcing each one to discover the strength within themselves that they didn't even know they possessed. While being brazenly chased by a pack of predators, the strong quickly set themselves apart from the weak. In a battle of will, stamina, and heart, these very virtues present themselves at the most crucial moment. With death looming, each is left with what is truly important - the strength within oneself.


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Quarries (2016) Reviews

  • Entertaining Thriller


    The paramedic Katherine "Kat" (Nicole Marie Johnson) joins an expedition through the wilderness composed by women and led by Jean (Sara Mornell). Most of the women are problematic and the objective is to share the experience of living together in the nature for a couple of days. However there is a fire in the woods and Jean is forced to change the traditional route per another through an unknown area. Jean, Kat, Wren (Carrie Finklea), Madison (Leisha Hailey), April (Nicole DuPort), Joy (Joy McElveen) and Brit (Rebecca Colette McFadzien) start walking while Jean's partner drives his van to the destination to bring them back. However a group of psychopaths live in the area and they hunt the women down. Will someone survive? "Quarries" is an entertaining thriller with strong female characters. The plot is predictable and not original, but the conclusion surprises since this type of slasher usually ends with only one (or none) survivor. The rednecks are psychopath but there is no development of who they are. The women are reasonably developed. The IMDb Rating is not fair but there are many overrated reviews including a ridiculous comparison with the classic "Deliverance". My vote is six. Title (Brazil): Not Available

  • Could have been better


    I saw some reviewer comparing it to "Deliverance". How I wish that was true. The movie could have been nice if they showed something. Probably some cuts were made to receive a more friendly rating. So what's left is a simple story, some bad dialogue, some wooden acting and some OK acting. Nothing new. Could have been much better though....... if they only would have watched the classic "Deliverance" before they started filming;-)

  • Nothing new here.


    Initially there were 3 glowing reviews when I looked at Quarries on IMDb. Suspiciously, no listing on Netflix or Rotten Tomatoes, should have been a giveaway, that this film was probably not worth viewing. Those obviously "planted reviews" convinced me to give it a chance - please don't bother. Predictable plot with deranged men (laughably acted in some cases) chasing women that are not appealing, through the woods with murderous intent. Sound familiar. There's no new story angles here, no plot twists, no character buildup to make you feel any sympathy for the victims. I usually don't bother to review titles, but wanted to provide a service to others not to waste your time watching this garbage.

  • Dull, predictable and well below average B movie.


    I really need to read more reviews before I watch a film as again I've been caught out by what I can only describe as the production team reviewing their own film. Firstly to compare this to "Deliverance" is beyond a joke. The acting is poor, the characters are dull and predictable and the script is lacking. If you look up cliché in a dictionary it would say "watch Quarries". I gave it two stars because the white Ford mini bus they had was the same as the one I hired when in Florida last year and it reminded me of a great family holiday. The film however reminded me of the black and white films my Gran would watch on a Saturday afternoon, usually asleep. Not a film for me.

  • Like something I might have made when I was 15


    Normally I wouldn't waste my time reviewing a movie like this, but I feel like someone needs to offset that other review which absolutely raves about this and gives it a 10/10. Note that that's that reviewer's *only* review to date (how'd ya like that use of "that"? :) That review was apparently written by the director's significant other or best friend because this movie is, at best, mediocre. Basically, a bunch of women get chased around in the woods and bloodied up. Empowerment!


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