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Odds Are (2018)

Odds Are (2018)

Ron EldardKarynn MooreMarkus SilbigerAlejandra Morin
Peter Markle


Odds Are (2018) is a movie. Peter Markle has directed this movie. Ron Eldard,Karynn Moore,Markus Silbiger,Alejandra Morin are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Odds Are (2018) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Three college students play a challenge game called Odds Are... It quickly erupts into a nightmare for the participants who find themselves caught in an unpredictable web of deceit and survival. Based on actual events.

Odds Are (2018) Reviews

  • You don't play by our rules


    A couple and a third wheel play a game called "Odds are" which is like "Truth or Dare" without the "Truth" part. After a day of dares, they top off the evening with one final dare...knock on a stranger's door and get invited in. Kelly (Alejandra Morin) does this and does not return. It appears she is held captive against her will as the film moves into a home break-in film where the homeowner (Ron Eldard) is the bad guy. And then the twist and we are told this was based on actual events so we might like it. Other than Kelly, the characters were rather boring. Nice twist, but not worth sitting through the entire film. No sex or nudity.

  • Hideous


    This has to be the most stupid movie I've ever seen. I was really looking forward to watching this and was HIGHLY disappointed!!!! I hope that the people these events actually happened to had much better sense than the characters.. (COMMON SENSE) ..... Geesh, what a let down

  • Just plain terrible


    This a perfect example as to why some movies should never be made. There are no spoilers here as it is impossible for me to re-live this travesty. Please do not watch this movie.

  • Based on a true story..


    Based on a true story with alot of promise inititally, but just falls by the wayside mid way.. leaving you wandering..Am is still watching this? And what is going on, unfortunately not due to red herrings. That being said Expecially the two girls who's acting was very good and Alejandra morin has made a good debut for herself..I must mention an uncanny likeness between Ron eldards character & Chris waltz makes for an interesting theme but again unfortunately as gripping the character should be, goes in the wrong direction.

  • 6ft man vs 5ft wooden fence. Fence wins.


    22 minutes in this happens and it sets the tone perfectly. Please allow me to elaborate, a 6ft man has the heart-stopping moment of a stuggle when climbing over a feeble, wooden fence that he can look over without standing on his tippy-toes. I actually caught myself waving my hand at the screen and ranting "What are tou doing"?! And that's the LEAST ridiculous things that happens in this film. Now, I'm not going to complain about the rest of the story or the acting or the blah blah blah. I'm just saying that it's pretty naff and from now on, I need to find a hobby for my Friday evenings as films like this make me question my very existence.


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