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Nature Unleashed: Tornado (2005)

Nature Unleashed: Tornado (2005)

Daniel BernhardtRuth PlattAnya LahiriLarry Day
Alain Jakubowicz


Nature Unleashed: Tornado (2005) is a English movie. Alain Jakubowicz has directed this movie. Daniel Bernhardt,Ruth Platt,Anya Lahiri,Larry Day are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2005. Nature Unleashed: Tornado (2005) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A huge tornado endangers the lives of a journalist (Ruth Platt) and a town of Gypsies.

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Nature Unleashed: Tornado (2005) Reviews

  • And you thought "Roma" were the kind of tomatoes to hurl at this one...


    The movie opens with a stupid guy chaining himself to a not-so-sturdy backyard appliance so he can make a home-movie doco of a CGI tornado roaring by without getting blown away himself. The winds are clearly blowing his hair *sideways*, yet he's magically getting pulled straight *upwards* (clue numero uno that this movie is gonna suck bigtime ... as if it being a "SciFi original" Saturday Nite feature wasn't a big enough tip-off). Suddenly, a shot rang out. The wife screamed. The family dog peed on the rug. And Mr. Tornado Paparazzo gets his chain yanked and gets sucked into the whirling vortex of suckiness that is this movie. Next, we cut to a scene in which his now grown-up son is himself a professional photog, covering some completely-out-of-left-field story about Gypsies (whoops, sorry, the PC term is "The Roma") being victims of discrimination in ... New Jersey. Thus completely sending the What-the-F***-o-Meter off the scale. And unbelievable as it might seem, the movie (and I use the term very, very loosely) manages to go downhill from there. Perhaps the only remotely interesting thing about this bizarre mishmash of the meteorological and Roma-nesque is that it stars Swiss hunk-o-cheese Daniel Bernhardt, who played Agent Johnson in The Matrix Reloaded (2003), but who is much better known to Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans for his brilliant portrayal of The Runaway karate-foo guy in Future War. ("Well, it's not really the Future and we didn't have the budget to do a War, but we did rent a whole bunch of these empty cardboard boxes for Dan to get thrown through during the fight scenes...") Wow - if I could give this one negative stars (Note to IMDb - we need black holes!) I would. About the only not-explicitly-bad thing I can say about this one is: it's a worthy sequel to "Fire: Nature Unleashed (2004)." (Well, it's not really worthy, and it's not really a sequel, but the titles *are* similar.)

  • If all stereotypes could join in a movie...


    I don't believe the term "spoilers" applies to this film. Whatever you could hear about the film before seeing it would not "spoil" your experience, because you'll have a bad one no matter what. This film is so bad you can't even laugh about it. It doesn't have the charm of bad gore movies, it doesn't have any charm, actually. The acting is more than bad, whoever decided to cast Daniel Bernhardt as Josh Pallady should be hit repeatedly with something cold and wet. He couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag. The script must have been written in less than 24 hours by some kid who's read too many occult books. All the symbols are connected in this movie in such a stupid way. You would expect something about tornadoes, but they only play a small part, it's mostly occult gibberish intertwined with stereotypes (boy travels with girl, girl can't stand him, boy goes to have dinner with other girl, the first girl gets jealous kind of thing) the number 666, devil worshipers, talismans, gypsies telling fortunes, insane asylum... Seriously everything that's been overdone in the history of cinema and literature is being shown in this movie. It's so bad, i can't even start to describe it. It still amazes me how producers read the synopsis and said, "Yes, we'll buy it." Why???! I really recommend NEVER seeing that piece of cinematic garbage. If you have to decide between watching this on TV or spending an evening looking at the paint peeling from your walls, I seriously recommend the latter. If you hear of this movie, and all the others in this series (Volcano, Earthquake, Fire), RUN AWAY!!!

  • Nature Unleashed Tornado: Manages to be worse than Volcano


    Nature Unleashed is a franchise of apparently "Alternative" disaster films and thus far this is only my second one. Prior to this I had the *Ahem* honor of watching Nature Unleashed: Volcano which was beyond dire. Nature Unleashed: Tornado is actually worse and that I didn't expect. With a baffling plot, awful sfx, a lifeless story and a cast who look like they simply didn't want to be there this is a film with near no redeeming features. It hurts me deep to realise I have two more of these to watch, they can't get worse though. Right?! The Good: Erm..... The Bad: SFX are laughable Performances are wooden as hell Incomprehensible plot Things I Learnt From This Movie: So bad the lead actress quit acting immediatly after

  • Why Would A Movie Titled "Tornado" Have A Satanic Cult?


    After watching the death of his father by a deadly tornado, Josh Pallady (Daniel Bernhardt) is left with just a necklace or medallion of some kind to remember him by. Due to chance, Josh is sent to Romania to film a press conference & some kind of gypsy rituals. This is where he meets Irena (Anya Lahiri), a gypsy woman who reads tarot cards. Irena quickly identifies the necklace as the Talisman. The Talisman, as the story goes, was given by the angel Gabriel to a king and would be handed down to the "chosen one", who would save the gypsies from the wind. This is pretty much when the movie went south. The acting by everyone involved is pretty bad, terrible even, but at least Anya Lahiri was something nice to look at. Her acting was not as bad as the other main characters, either. This is not saying much, but she was probably the best actor/actress in the movie. Plotwise, the movie would have been better with just the tornadoes & the tornado chasing scenes. The whole thing could have done without the satanic cult subplot. I do not really see where that fits into a movie titled "Tornado". Anyhow, if it was not for some decent looking tornado effects, which is why I wanted to watch this, I would have rated it lower. As it stands I leave it a 3/10.

  • Ineptitude: Hacks Unleashed


    Good grief. What an incomprehensible and disjointed mess. And nothing about it makes you care enough to figure it all out. Like all tornado films, there's an idiot who tries to film the twister in order to get killed. This guy has a brat kid who follows him, wanting to get killed too I guess. The dad (but not the brat) gets a one-way ticket into the funnel cloud. Whatever script there was to this thing apparently got vacuumed up with dad; there's certainly no plot on the screen after that. Cut to 30 years later, the kid is now a big square jawed TV cameraman clod who still can't act. He encounters gypsies, cults, gratingly phony accents, psychos in wards having bad-hair-days, sinister conspiracies, demonic cloud-faces, legends, directors who are as untalented as he is, script writers who are even worse, and yawning audiences. Occasionally, a tornado shows up. Tornadoes chase people in this movie. No, really. In one cult meeting, there's a guy with a Yoda hood, who sounds like he's moaning "Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum." (I think that's Latin for "I'll get you, my little pretty, and your little dog as well.") Clumsy nonsense that tries to throw a hundred things at a dartboard, hoping that something sticks. Nothing did.


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