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My Girl 2 (1994)

My Girl 2 (1994)

Dan AykroydJamie Lee CurtisAnna ChlumskyAustin O'Brien
Howard Zieff


My Girl 2 (1994) is a English movie. Howard Zieff has directed this movie. Dan Aykroyd,Jamie Lee Curtis,Anna Chlumsky,Austin O'Brien are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1994. My Girl 2 (1994) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Vada Sultenfuss has a holiday coming up, and an assignment: to do an essay on someone she admires and has never met. She decides she wants to do an assignment on her mother, but quickly realizes she knows very little about her. She manages to get her father to agree to let her go to LA to stay with her Uncle Phil and do some research on her mother. Once in LA, she finds herself under the protection of Nick, the son of Phil's girlfriend, who at first is very annoyed at losing his holidays to escort a hick *girl* around town. However, he soon becomes more involved in the difficult search.


My Girl 2 (1994) Reviews

  • I really liked this movie


    I don't know what to say: i just really liked this movie. I even cried :-o Maybe I am just cheesie or too romantic, but what the heck.... In my eyes, the main storyline is not the search for the mother, but the discovery of those first loving feelings, the changing of the body, the transformation from childhood to adolescence, in short: it is a story about growing up. Something we all have gone through....its such a "feeling good" film: all people are friendly, there are no sorrows... It gets a 7/10 (which is a lot coming from me, believe me)

  • The sequel's just as good as the original


    The original "My Girl" from 1991 was a quality drama about a 10 year-old girl experiencing tragic death. In "My Girl 2" she's now 13 and goes to Southern California to learn about her mother she never knew. Her companion is played by Austin O'Brien. Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis play her father and stepmother while Richard Masur and Christine Ebersole co-star as her uncle and potential aunt. The beautiful Angeline Ball has a small role as her mother in flashbacks. This is just a solid drama, as good or better than the original. The adventures of the two 13 year-olds as they go from person to person searching for information about Vada's mother compels the story along. The people they meet are colorful or interesting. The peripheral subplots are good too, like will the Uncle propose to Rose or allow some rich dude with a Jaguar to snatch her up? The film runs 99 minutes and was shot in Los Angeles, California, including Topanga Canyon. GRADE: B

  • One of my favorites.


    Yes, I know "My Girl 2" was a sequel. Yes, I know it is hard to follow the first movie. But the reason why I love this movie is because of the way we see Vada Sultenfuss has changed over the course of a few years. I loved seeing the sweet, innocent Vada become more of an adult & still remain likeable as a character. I also love Austin O'Brien in this movie; to date, he has not been in anything memorable, but I think the role of Nick was suited for him. I do find the relationship they have somewhat disenchanting, but it was what I was waiting for the whole movie. I think the plot was an interesting one, and Maggie Muldovan made this movie. It is, as another reviewer remarked, worth it to watch the movie countless times just to hear her sing "Smile." I love all of this movie, though, so I would advise seeing it.

  • Good but not great


    No, MG2 isn't as good as the first movie, but how often are sequels better than the first? (I will make a case for Toy Story 2.) Anyway, the acting is strong (especially Anna Chlumsky, who is wonderful again as Vada), the plot of Vada researching her mother's life is very interesting, but the subplots are a little pedestrian and cliched. I read a review that claimed Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis were "sleepwalking" in their roles, but in all fairness, they didn't really have much to do in this movie. The fabulous Christine Ebersole steals several scenes, and Austin O'Brien does a good job here as well. It may not be the greatest film ever, but you could certainly do worse!

  • Just pointless


    I think that it was just pointless to produce a second part of a movie like "My Girl". "My Girl" was a very good movie but it is ridiculous making a second part of a movie in which one of the main characters (Macaulay Culkin as Thomas J.) dies. The story was over after the first movie. I wonder why someone tried to find a way to make the story going on. That was senseless!


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