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Little Red Wagon (2012)

Little Red Wagon (2012)

Chandler CanterburyAnna GunnFrances O'ConnorDaveigh Chase
David Anspaugh


Little Red Wagon (2012) is a English movie. David Anspaugh has directed this movie. Chandler Canterbury,Anna Gunn,Frances O'Connor,Daveigh Chase are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Little Red Wagon (2012) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Carrot-topped 8-year-old Zach Bonner lives in Tampa with his realtor mom Laurie and teenage sister Kelley. In 2004, in the wake of Hurricane Charley, Zach uses his beat-up toy wagon to collect water, food and clothing for families left homeless by the storm. Emboldened by his success and the attention he is receiving from the local media, Zach battles bureaucratic hurdles to start his own charity, the Little Red Wagon Foundation, to produce and distribute "Zach Packs", backpacks filled with life's bare essentials, plus a toy. Zach's life intersects with that of newly widowed Margaret Craig and her young son Jim, whose hardships spiral out of control and land them in a series of homeless shelters. Suddenly, Zach gets the idea to walk from Tampa to the state capital, Tallahassee, to bring attention to the plight of homeless youth. His mother is against it; and his sister feels increasingly resentful of Zach and the attention he's getting. Zach's walk begins amid great fanfare: a rousing...


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Little Red Wagon (2012) Reviews

  • The Message More than the Medium


    My husband and I watched this docu-drama the other night and certainly we were moved to tears at times, to tenderness, admiration for the real-life Zach who has made it his life's work to end homelessness and judging by determination and compassion, he might just do that. I worried that the parallel story of the mother and child spiralling downward in society would detract from Zach's but it didn't. Certainly it was painful to witness but there's the object lesson that it could happen to any normal, seemingly comfortable middle-class family, that it could happen to one's neighbour or friend and would we step in to help? The conflicts within Zach's family were real and sibling rivalry sometimes takes precedence even over a giant philanthropic project like his. From my initial perspective Zach's sister was a royal pain in the butt, self-centred and more childish than her little brother whose vision was more like Mother Theresa and personality more like one of heaven's angels. But over time I began to see where she was coming from and forced my judgement to the background. The dialogue within the family especially with the mother was amazing and that's when you step outside the action and think, 'wow that screenwriter did a really great job!' Other than that you are with Zach all the way and with his wonderfully supportive mother. I could say that it doesn't matter how this was directed or acted, that the true story and the message was the thing but truly if it weren't for such great acting by the three main characters, the directing and natural, emotive dialogue, the message would have difficulty getting through. But the message, oh the message... That this amazing young human being can show the way for all of us, show us that we are all connected, that everyone's 'fall' matters and this done without any didactic intent is so impressive. We did not feel shamed but inspired. (Though I do hope that those who are hiding their billions in off-shore accounts might get the hint and like Zach, roll up their sleeves and pitch in...) So the generated feelings (of inspiration not shame) represents a plus for the production. You never get the sense someone was up there in a pulpit preaching to the masses. Instead there was Zach and his all-too-human family taking one step at a time to make a difference one heart at a time. His life teaches us that it's not easy, there's not always instant rewards but it's the doing, like the journey, that is more gratifying than the actual end result/destination. Zach you are my forever hero!

  • One of the best Inspirational movies you will ever see!!!


    This movie, Little Red Wagon, was such a joy to watch! I watched it with my family, and we were left so touched by it! Its about a little boy, who discovered his true calling in life, to help the homeless in America. Whats even more inspiring, is that it is based on a very real and true story, that leaves you so inspired and filled with hope to see beyond what you can see in this world. The characters were amazing, and did such an excellent job, couldn't ask for me. This movie almost brought me to tears, it is just by far one of the best movies I have ever seen!! I enjoyed it so so so much, loved it, and would highly recommend it to anyone of any age to watch it! Trust me, it leaves you so inspired, and gives you hope that you can do anything if you believe!!!

  • Inspiring and encouraging movie


    Watch this movie. Especially if you've gotten a bit world weary and jaded about our fellow humans. Inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging this film follows the true life story of a little boy who ups and takes some serious action to help the survivors of Hurricane Charley in Florida 2004. This little fellow's dedication and compassion for other people, especially children, is something to behold and I'll be thinking about it for a long time to come. Also, there is a subplot involving a young woman and her son that well illustrated the issues homeless families face. A family film I highly recommend parents watch with their children as it has a great message; it shows how one caring heart, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

  • An Incredible Waste of Time!


    The real-life story seemed inspiring at first glance, but the movie fails to capture its heart or true purpose. In fact, it fails to tie Zack's relentless walking to how homeless families and kids are actually being helped. The budding but then forgotten subplot, about the protagonist's neighbor who, along with her young son - a friend of Zack's, no less - is being forced into the spiraling depths of homelessness, would have been the much better movie. Sadly, the neighbor's plight of homelessness is totally missed by Zack and his walk-enabling mom! This, despite Zack's mom hearing from the neighbor herself that she is being forced out of her home because she can no longer make the payments after the death of her husband. So basically, we're supposed to be moved by Zack's desire to walk and grab as much PR as possible, while neither he nor his mother can see the homelessness that's right in front of their eyes! The movie was more sad than inspiring, and suggested that do-gooders need to open their eyes more, and understand that charity must begin at home--with eyes wide open. One star would be appropriate for the script/story, but the acting by Daveigh Chase, Frances O'Conner, and Dylan Matzke (brilliant as the neighbor's son who must deal with the pitfalls of homelessness) warranted adding on a second.


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