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Ido (2005)

Ido (2005)

Masami AkimotoMasanobu AsakawaMito AwanoYuuki Awano
Kei Fujiwara


Ido (2005) is a Japanese movie. Kei Fujiwara has directed this movie. Masami Akimoto,Masanobu Asakawa,Mito Awano,Yuuki Awano are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2005. Ido (2005) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A man known as the "Murderer" wanders through the woods. The sound of water flowing deep underground fills his head. Within the sound of the subterranean water flowing through the "id", the realm of the subconscious mind, the "Voice of Someone" becomes audible. The man emerging from the woods was captivated by that voice, engulfed in a raging storm and carried along by the swollen waters of a river until picked up and taken to a small steel factory in a town near the river. In front of that factory, which adjoins a pig farm, an ancient water course has been sealed with a giant spigot. The man is resonant with the "id" water sounds of that sealed water course. Before long, incidents gradually begin to occur that affect the frugal occupants of the factory, until one morning they discover the body of the head of the factory, who has been beaten to death. The perpetrator is a female employee of the factory, and in fact it was her voice that had beckoned that man there. The hatred and ...


Ido (2005) Reviews

  • A beautiful mess


    Id is a film that seems very simple on the outset but the deeper it goes in, the more you start to realize that something is very amiss. The widely-circulated plot summary of this film about a killer roaming around a village doesn't really explain at all what this film is about. And having only watched this film twice, I don't know if I can really think of a better summary anyway. To put it simply, this is film that is not for everyone and you will not walk away from this understanding every little thing that happened. Of course, that's probably the point, and there's a lot to appreciate it here besides all the headscratching moments. This film seems to be dealing with a lot of religious symbolism that I couldn't hope to comprehend, but it also hits on some interesting themes and ideas. From what I can tell, the story is about a village of people who eat pigs, and the movie seems to hit us over the head with the fact that we are not much different than pigs -- they are of an equal species. And there are many scenes in this film of people eating pig meat. Apparently, if you eat the flesh of your own species, you will go insane. So, I think "symbolically", everyone in this film is insane because they're all pigs themselves, eating pigs. Which isn't really even that deep of a point to make, but it perhaps explains why every single character in this film is nuts. Anyway, this film is divided into six similar chapters that is in a book called "Id". Three people read the book which has no text in it. The film slowly goes from hilariously bizarre to bizarrely hilarious to disturbing over the course of the six chapters. Lots of scenes of people screaming, being beaten over the head, eating pig meat, bleeding from their heads, looking through holes, and interacting with pigs. Near the end of the film, the gore goes through the roof. And nothing is really explained, again, there's just vague allusions to religion and child abuse and... pigs. So, why would I bother giving this film such a high score? I won't claim to understand every element, but I think the film was put together well enough that it doesn't just scream "nonsense" at me. I drew my own conclusions and have my own interpretation for what all this means -- I mean, this IS an art film. If you don't like David Lynch, Alexandro Jodorowsky, or others you probably won't appreciate this. There is just some absolutely amazing, beautiful, artful shots here (like a scene where someone gets hit in the head with a baseball bat and the entire screen turns to blood puddles; many scenes where the characters are isolated in rooms that are filled with nothing but blackness; a scene of a woman with hands coming out of her stomach; and an amazing scene where a yard is completely filled with blood puddles and rain before the earth splits apart). The characters are all extremely unlikeable but are hilarious. The film is loaded with gore. I mean, it's always interesting, there's always something cool to look at, and a lot of the film DOES make sense -- just, as a whole, it comes across as a bit of a mess. The film is kind of slow, and it seems the director knew that because she purposely sped up certain scenes for unintended (? Probably very much intentional actually) humor. And you'll probably walk away from the film somewhat unsatisfied, as a lot of things don't add up. But I for one think this is some kind of masterpiece -- it could've used some tighter editing perhaps, but having watched this a second time just now, I'd be hard-pressed to tell you exactly what COULD be cut out. This is a film that I have some mixed feelings about, but I can safely say that the "artful" portions of it make it more than watchable. As a film, it barely scrapes by, but as an art piece, it's absolutely inspiring. Watch at your own risk.

  • An Uncompromising Expression of Despair and Confusion


    Kei Fujiwaras's "Ido" is one of those flicks that most people will find unbearable to watch. It features grotesque acts of violence, crude sex scenes and a confounding plot. Its themes include cross-dressing, voyeurism, homosexuality, domestic violence, sexual abuse and cannibalism. On top of that, this movie looks cheap and dirty. Even for fans of art-house cinema this is going to be a difficult experience, as it seems easy to dismiss this movie as stupid trash trying to shock its audience. However, I have to admit that this movie fascinates me. There's two reasons for this. First off, there is much to be said about the more abstract topics of "Ido"; about the human subconscious for instance, or the bestiality of mankind, which is depicted in a literal and raw manner here. Secondly, I think this movie is an astonishingly honest expression of mental illness in the wake of a traumatic experience. Supposedly, two of the female characters (one of them played by the director herself, Fujiwara) have suffered sexual abuse. I believe the atmosphere of this movie has to be seen in the light of this fact. If you ever encountered even a light mental disorder, you know that it is everything but pleasant or rational. To me, "Ido" nailed the confusion and despair one feels going through a depression or similar psychogenic problems. I deeply respect art that deals with dark themes as directly and uncompromising as this one. That's why I like this movie more than I probably should. If you're interested in the subject matter, by all means, give it a shot. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, steer clear of this movie at all costs.

  • a very surreal and experimental piece of art.


    I just saw this in Belgium and for the first night in the country their was definitely some mental scarring amongst the group. This film is over top gory, surreal, experimental and just plain hard to watch. Although it would be unfair to criticise it for these things because despite defying the common structural techniques Hollywood employs, it dared to be different. And was a success in retaining some sort of satirical overview of society. The production values were mediocre, relying on an overuse of close-ups and the effects were occasionally flawed. Though to be fair i expected a lot worse and think it all works well in adding to the comedy of the movie.



    This is an odd tale I had difficulty comprehending. It appears to be a critique of the teachings of Amida Buddha who claim man is higher than animals. The film presents men as no better than animals and appears to mock the theology/philosophy of the teachings by utilizing a pig farm/slaughter house. Humans are reduced to primitive roles involving rape, killing, incest, and voyeurism. Unfortunately it was done in such a haphazard matter there was no real plot to follow. For a special viewer, which didn't include me. English subtitles. Parental Guide: No F-bombs. Sex and nudity and not that pretty.

  • I'll have to be frank about this movie


    I thought would be how it was and still went forward to watch it, and it wasn't my wisest move. This movie is so destabilizing that I ended up not knowing if it was really finished, started or was still playing. It contains so many references toward Id that it is hard for me to say what went wrong. I'll attempt to summarize that I found was wrong in a few lines. First thing, "Id" is a mental structure of a person, often said to be relied to that person's unconventional action such as killing. But here there were way too many characters to even follow who was afflicted. If they were all afflicted at least it would just have made this movie simply bad. They did try to insert character development that made it harder to follow. I am pretty sure that any psychologist would herself/himself be confused. Second thing, where are we? There are very little tangible elements to aid us in knowing where we were half of the time. One half of that time we were set near a pig slaughter house. This is my final point. A movie however how experimental, by the book, etc., should at least lend us a hand at understanding the story, if there is one. I'm sure there were tons of potential to the story but I couldn't make tails from heads out of it. Sure they conveniently marked the sections with chapters, if so there was not that much I could understand out of them. In the end, make sure you're mentally prepared to be scarred by this movie, because it's at least good for that part.


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