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Hansel & Gretel (2013)

Hansel & Gretel (2013)

Brent LydicJonathan NationStephanie GrecoDee Wallace
Anthony C. Ferrante


Hansel & Gretel (2013) is a English movie. Anthony C. Ferrante has directed this movie. Brent Lydic,Jonathan Nation,Stephanie Greco,Dee Wallace are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Hansel & Gretel (2013) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

In this modern retelling of the classic horror tale, teen siblings are enslaved by a psychotic recluse within her gruesome house of horrors in the woods.

Hansel & Gretel (2013) Reviews

  • Oh My God.


    Oh My God. This movie sucked a**. I feel as though I should kill myself now. This movie cannot be unseen. I will forever remember it as the worst movie i had ever laid eyes upon. My IQ burned by 20 points while my sense refuses to comprehend why was such an awful movie was ever written, filmed, acted, edited and finally released to the unsuspecting audience. The characters were unified in their stupidity, the character buildup was forced and felt unnatural. The visual effects seemed to have been created by an 8 year old boy using MS-Paint (and not in a good way). The acting was absolutely shameful and degrading. I feel sorry for all those involved in the making of this waste of time in film disguise. hear my words, those responsible for the movie need be avenged! WHY GOD? WHY!?

  • If you have 90 minutes to spare,go out for a walk! Don't watch this!


    I thought this was the Hollywood Blockbuster "Witch Hunter" movie. Well it was not.I'm a fan of the Brother's Grimm, I'm a fan of horror, I'm even a (big) fan of B-movies. But this movie belongs to the "why-did-I-watch-this-why?" genre. Horrible script, bad acting, bad everything. Even Dee Wallace, who is a respectable actress, cannot make this film bearable. "Hansel" and "Gretel" is supposed to be a classic horror story, but it is completely "butchered" in this production. If you watch this,prepared to be amazed at how bad a movie can be and what a complete waste of time it was.. And if you are a Grimm fan,oh boy... Beware: Do not watch this!

  • This movie deserves a horrible death


    When somebody is really hurt, I mean there is slight panic, and you find a house, what is the first thing you say when familiar face opens the door? Think about it. In this movie the answer is "I did not know you lived here. Bla blah blah blah...Oh by the way: My brother here is bleeding to death." This movie is embarrassing. The sound effects are so familiar. The story beyond predictable. But the food is good. If you want a boo-movie this is the one for you. The acting wasn't all that bad... Well it was but the script did not give them anything to work with. It feels like they all read a summary of a story and acted it out in somebodies backyard. I know the requirement is to write 10 lines about a movie but that is because calling it by a 4 letter word would be to obvious.

  • Not the worst Asylum movie, but still embarrassingly awful


    There is something compulsively watchable about how notoriously bad The Asylum movies are, which is why I keep watching even if I know not to expect much. Hansel and Gretel is not the worst Asylum movie and I have seen worse movies generally but that doesn't stop it from being awful in an embarrassing way. The Asylum movies are rarely of good quality visually, and Hansel and Gretel is not an exception. Any attempts to give some atmosphere are badly hindered by choppy editing and the fact that it is far too bright when it could easily have benefited from a somewhat surrealistic look. The sound effects are bizarre and the scoring is generic. Fairy tales can work when modernised if done the right way. Done the right way Hansel and Gretel does not, all of the ideas it has comes across as derivative in alternative to having ideas of its own, and it is very difficult to enjoy the movie when you know what is going to happen next every time. The horror elements just don't work either, any suspenseful or tense build ups are next to nothing and all of the characters seem to be oblivious to what is going on. I also could tell from hearing the dialogue that Hansel and Gretel had absolutely no idea of what it wanted or was trying to be, having one moment where it is so simplistic it is almost childish and then another where it's all gory and foul-mouthed just doesn't gel and makes everything confused instead. The characters are cardboard with limited attempt at any kind of development and also come across as annoying. And the acting is bad, very bad even. Only Dee Wallace tries, though while she looks as though she's enjoying herself and she has the best lines(not saying much) she doesn't come as much of a threat, which was quite a big distraction considering that she is the main villain here. But not as glaring as the disasters with the script and story. All in all, not the worst that The Asylum has made but still a dud. 1/10 Bethany Cox

  • I am an avid horror film addict. I am both a gore-hound and lover of "real" horror films, and I'm telling you, this dreck is absolutely awful. One of the worst movies ever.


    This "Hansel & Gretel" film has NO positive attributes. It is the worst horror film that I have witnessed in a LONG LONG time. I'm telling you, as an avid fan and (not to toot my own horn here...) and aficionado of sorts when it comes to horror, that this is pure garbage of the highest order It is very difficult to tell the world, "EVERYONE will enjoy this horror film!" when I love a horror film.People's tastes just differ too much. However, on this occasion, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that NO ONE will enjoy this film. It is absolutely terrible. Dee Wallace (bless her for trying) is the only part of this movie that kept me from turning it off 20 minutes into it. And I NEVER do that, certainly not with horror films. I LIKE poorly acted and cheesy horror films to an extent, but they have to have something special for me to enjoy something like that. I mean, "Friday the 13th" sequels have 90% cheese and 10% horror, yet the mystique of those victims, the reality of the violence, the care you (sometimes) incur for a character, not to mention the butch Jason himself, make me ENJOY those films. "Hansel & Gretel" has NOTHING but the lowest budget in the history of horror films (maybe other than "BTK Killer" - still the reigning champ of worst movies of all time) and that low budget combined with a complete lack of any serious plot or scary moments shines through, and makes this film unwatchable. Cringe-worthy. Even the violence sucks, folks. And when even the violence is sub-par in a horror film (WELL BELOW PAR), and there are NO redeeming qualities, it makes for an absolute embarrassment of a film. It's these types of films that give horror a bad name. This madness must stop. Dee Wallace is worth watching for about 10 minutes, but she's being directed by a director who quite literally could be a rhesus monkey, and certainly is not an "actor's director", so even her performance is greatly flawed in many areas, most likely due to the director and editing of the acting she turned in. Take an avid horror fan's word for it, and don't waste your time on this dreck. THIS FILM IS NOTHING BUT TERRIBLE!!! You've been warned.


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