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Fateh (2014)

Fateh (2014)

Nav BajwaSamekshaYaad GarewalPuneet Issar
Jaspreet Rajan


Fateh (2014) is a Punjabi movie. Jaspreet Rajan has directed this movie. Nav Bajwa,Sameksha,Yaad Garewal,Puneet Issar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Fateh (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Fateh is an adventure film. An enduring Punjabi culture boasts of a sword and stick art that teaches that perseverance can lead to triumph. Though it has not sunken into oblivion but it has never made it to the big screen. The film has a stellar cast assembled. The film stars Nav Bajwa, Samiksha Singh, Yaad Grewal,Supreet Bedi, Puneet Issar, Navneet Nishan, Deep Dhillon, Shivendra Mahal. Gurgreet Guggi and Karamjit Anmol tickle the funny bone with their his impressive humorous delights. Fateh is the first ever Punjabi movie to be made on martial arts.


Fateh (2014) Reviews

  • Nice try, but better luck next time!


    Thanks to IMDb user The_Phantom_Projectionist for helping me find a film about Gatka, the reason why I'm very interested in Gatka is because it use to be popular in Pakistan (but now it's slowly less popular due to the MMA craze) and the fact my uncles from Pakistan been telling me that it's all about sword/stick & shield play. Anyways I think I was out of topic lol, Fateh was more corny than serious, having a similar premise from Karate kid (jealous jock picks on smart-puny guy because the girl prefers that guy instead of him, stranger saves puny guy from jock, stranger teaches puny guy, training montage of puny guy, enters tournament, nearly gets his arse kicked until something triggers him and ends up winning against the jock). Also I can tell the main protagonist (Nav Bajwa) had so much potential (doing his own stunts) but was a bit of a waste due to the sloppy editing at times in fight scenes (along with stereotypical international fighters using fictional martial arts to make it more corny lol), also would've been better without the musical scenes (I guess it's a permanent staple of Bollywood lol). Overall the only redeeming thing about this was the sympathy for the protagonist (of what he went through), the training montage and Nav Bajwa doing backflips in slo-mo lol. This film ended up being more of a RomCom instead of sports action, leaving this film being unrealistic and cliché. If you don't care about realism and care about watching it for fun, then your free to watch it, but if you want to see it just for Gatka then go watch Jodhaa Akbar (as there are scenes of it being depicted) instead of this, although it was nice to see Gatka strongly depicted in this film.


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