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E-Demon (2016)

E-Demon (2016)

Julia KellyJohn Anthony WylliamsChristopher DaftsiosRyan Redebaugh
Jeremy Wechter


E-Demon (2016) is a English movie. Jeremy Wechter has directed this movie. Julia Kelly,John Anthony Wylliams,Christopher Daftsios,Ryan Redebaugh are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. E-Demon (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The e-DEMON recording is a wake-up call to understand the truth of what's happening to our world ever since the ruthless e-DEMON was accidentally released from its prison. Witness that first night of demonic possession as it unfolds documented in this recorded video-chat. Released into our era, the manipulative demon is able to use modern technology to speed up the possession process. Watching this web-recording is a heart-pounding, roller-coaster of an experience, but remember this a human story because real flesh and blood people died that night. Be on the lookout. The e-DEMON twists reality into a living nightmare of manipulation. As this recorded video-chat documents, it builds in waves of growing tensions as it spirals inward engulfing its victim until they don't know what is real or who to trust including loved ones, paramedics, the police and more. Watch to learn the truth of what really happened that infamous night now dubbed "The Quad Murders" by the media. In the e-DEMON ...


E-Demon (2016) Reviews

  • Oh dear, painfully bad


    Blah blah blah, five annoying yanks, who are all happy clappy in love with themselves. The script is the main problem, closely followed by the terrible acting. You cannot wait for them to all be brutally murdered. A truly bad movie, you have been warned.

  • Unfriended Knockoff


    Well. it sounded good. the premise is great - however this falls way flat on its face. it's like a middle aged unfriended rip. the characters are all mid 30s and it's nowhere near jumpy or any way a decent "horror" film. just don't bother it's just. ???? i have no words. it's terrible.

  • Better thn expected


    I went in not expecting much and was really surprised by how much I really did enjoy it. Great premise and well shot. Worth the watch definitely.

  • I'd watch again


    Totally enjoyed the anticipation leading up to the killings. How each victim is picked off while the others watch in horror as they envision their impending deaths. Would have loved to star in this film. I'd definitely watch more films from this director.

  • A good watch one time only


    Some movies are so well put together that you watch them over and over again. That's not the case for me with this one. I did actually enjoy it, it definitely had similarities with Unfriended but taking a more demon/witchcraft aspect rather than just an angry ghost with unfinished business... I just can't imagine myself ever having the urge to watch it again. If you're bored one evening and stuck for a movie to watch, give this one a go, it's entertaining and deserves a view, even if it's just the once!


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