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Drunk Parents (2019)

Drunk Parents (2019)

Alec BaldwinSalma HayekJim GaffiganJoe Manganiello
Fred Wolf


Drunk Parents (2019) is a English,Spanish,German movie. Fred Wolf has directed this movie. Alec Baldwin,Salma Hayek,Jim Gaffigan,Joe Manganiello are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Drunk Parents (2019) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Frank and Nancy are a married couple living in a British-style big house. They proudly send their only daughter to college. But it turns out that the wealth of the family is not unlimited - To pay for the education of their daughter and hide financial collapse from her close ones, Frank and Nancy secretly arrange a garage sale at night, pouring it all in with alcohol.


Drunk Parents (2019) Reviews

  • Great cast with a script written by a 5th grader


    Was Fred Wolf drunk when he wrote this screenplay? The story's concept was good, but the writing was horrible. The written comedy was so stale and stupid, it flopped any potential this film had. A 5th grader could've written a better script - and made it funnier. And I'm sorry... I am a fan of Salma Hayek, but she was utterly annoying in this film. The rest of the all-star comedic cast were great, but clearly their potential was underwhelming from the lousy script. The directing was ok, although certain scenes jumped all over the place, were convoluted, or cut to soon before needed information was given. It's a shame, as this film had potential. It certainly isn't deserving of any 1 or 2's, but is nothing above a 7 either. It's an honest 5/10 from me.

  • Worst movie of the year already


    I never write reviews, however I couldn't resist reviewing this one. Its supposed to be a dark comedy, but I recon I missed it all. Didnt laugh once. If i could give a minus stars i would. The only good thing about the movie is Selma Hayek. Even she couldnt save it though. Half way through i was still searching for the plot and any entertaining scenes. Cannot believe someone actually funded this at all. No clue why its in the cinemas also. Do not buy a ticket. This is literally the only movie i've fallen asleep.

  • Salma Hayek trying to be Sofía Vergara for 90 minutes...


    Awkward, cringe-worthy "jokes". So incredibly boring. I don't even know what the plot was. And I love Alec Baldwin. I'm baffled.

  • Baldwin and Hayek should sack their agents


    As a screenwriter myself I know how difficult it is to get anything produced let alone a movie. It is all the more mystifying then that something as awful as this ever saw the light of day. What is even more of a mystery is how two actors of Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek's stature were persuaded to sign up for it in the first place. I can only guess at their motives but I suspect they were doing it as a favour to the director or one of the producers. If not, both should sack their agents immediately. The leads do their best to navigate their way through what is a painfully unfunny script but, ultimately, this will probably go down as the low point of their careers. It's a real shame as Baldwin in particular has turned in some great performances over the years - his cameo in Glengarry Glen Ross being one of my personal favourites. He and Hayek will no doubt bounce back from this but the director and co-writer, Fred Wolf - a former stand-up, unbelievably - may struggle to put this stinker behind him.

  • Bad film like this make Reality TV appear as high art.


    I'm always puzzled when I see something like this struggle through itself and wonder how anyone or in this case 100's of people committed their time and talents to this and it appears to missing both. Worst movie I've seen in years.

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