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Date with an Angel (1987)

Date with an Angel (1987)

Michael E. KnightPhoebe CatesEmmanuelle BéartDavid Dukes
Tom McLoughlin


Date with an Angel (1987) is a English movie. Tom McLoughlin has directed this movie. Michael E. Knight,Phoebe Cates,Emmanuelle Béart,David Dukes are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1987. Date with an Angel (1987) is considered one of the best Comedy,Fantasy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Aspiring composer Jim Saunders is engaged to spoiled rich girl Patty Winston. But the morning after his bachelor party, Jim wakes up hung over to discover a broken-winged, real-life angel in his swimming pool. Now, the secret of Jim's heavenly houseguest is out, and he must deal with his dangerously jealous fiancé, his exploitive future father-in-law, a group of friends with an outrageous business plan, and an impossibly beautiful angel who must the balance both the wrath of God and her discovery of French fries. Can an earthbound mortal be passionately touched by an angel and still find a way to live happily ever after?


Date with an Angel (1987) Reviews

  • Beautiful fairytale for everyone!


    Date with an angel is one of my favourite, and as far as I know most of my friends love this one just as I do. I just can't figure out why such a lovely movie gets soooo underrated :( yeah, maybe the plot is a bit simple, and maybe the special f/x is just a joke compared with "the jurassic park" and "the matrix", but this movie makes me feel good. it makes you believe that there are so many wonderful things in this world: beautiful love, funny friends and adorable angel... If you watch this movie with high expectation, it's gonna fail you; but if you just wanna relex and get yourself one and a half hour of fun, it's a must-see!!!

  • The shaking-mad scenes were great!


    Phoebe Cates was perfect in her shaking-mad scenes. It was just like in "Top Gun", where the air-control tower-guy spilled coffee all over himself during a 'fly-by'. One of the funny scenes showed three of Michael E. Knight's buddies knocking at his door in the beat of a classic hit. That was unique. The movie had touching parts as well, like when he awakens in the hospital, sees 'Angel', (Emmanuelle Beart), and finally understands she had come originally to carry him 'over', so to speak. Alas! She couldn't carry out her mission, having fallen for him ... The movie deserves a higher rating!

  • One of my favorites


    Oh my God people no a days have no taste so ever ... Where is everybody's humor... I was reading some of the comments people made about this fim. I just do not understand why they hate it so much... Yes, it is true this film is out dated but we need to remember that it came out 17 years ago!!! (Special effects were not the same as they are now)The first time I watched it, i FELL IN LOVE WITH IT.. It was romantic and hilarious! So what! if the Angel didnt talk, her beauty itself did the talking for her.. I really loved this film, I remember when it first came out on the theaters, I was only 7 years old...I do wish that this film would have had a better rating.. I think is one of the most unforgettable romantic/comedies I've ever seen. People need to start being less bitter now a days..!

  • a film i fell in love with as a kid


    This film happens to be one of my most favorite movies i've seen. I remember watching this film as a kid and there's just something about it every time i see it. Actually the film was made in the town i visit everyday or almost everyday. It allows me to feel really good every time i see it. Almost makes me believe that an angel will come and visit me. Not to be sappy but i get a little teary from the film.(it takes a real man to admit) and every time i eat french fries it hits me again. Although the acting was not the greatest, but hey its the 80s gotta love it!!! Not like the 90s and 2000s have any better acting. And yes in closing i have the DVD of this film to watch over and over again!!! Its just a good feel Good movie!! highly recommended!

  • It's fun and plot is very interesting


    When I was a very young lad I used to watch this movie again, and again, and again. I don't why but this, innerspace, ghostbusters (1 and later 2) and beetlejuice were the crown jewels of my video library. It may be campy, but it has a pretty good storyline and a slew of hilarious moments. Let's face it it's still betetr than 90% of the movies that came out this year--and most of the late nineties--UNder the tuscan Sun, I"m looking in your direction. Anyway Phoebe Cates and the model angel chick are wicked hot--and really random thigns like a singing love-o-gram dressed as a beetle pop-up in the flick. For a late eighties romantic comedy, the plot is actually somewhat interesting and doesn't involve shenanigans with a dead boss, a secret party island, or either of the corey;s. It's good times.


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