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Crazy Kind of Love (2013)

Crazy Kind of Love (2013)

Virginia MadsenGraham RogersAmanda CrewZach Gilford
Sarah Siegel-Magness


Crazy Kind of Love (2013) is a English movie. Sarah Siegel-Magness has directed this movie. Virginia Madsen,Graham Rogers,Amanda Crew,Zach Gilford are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Crazy Kind of Love (2013) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

While re-evaluating her life as a newly single mother, a woman relies on her carefree son and his awkward brother to keep their lives interesting. When an unlikely romance blossoms between the youngest son and the new girl in town, she realizes the key to her happiness can be found where she least expects it, and there's only one kind of love worth living for - the crazy kind.


Crazy Kind of Love (2013) Reviews

  • Good story with excellent acting and directing. Enjoy.


    Well acted, Madsen is beautiful, Graham Rogers' acting is outstanding. As well is the whole cast. If you're looking for an action adventure movie this isn't it. The movie reveals how some handle life's truly difficult situations in ways other than suicide. (Long term solution for short term problems.) I didn't read the novel "Angel Angel" so I can't tell you much Director Sarah Siegel-Magness deviated, but, she is an excellent story teller & the story flowed. You'll be hoping for everything to work out for all involved through out the movie. I go to the movies to be entertained and this movie didn't let me down. No crime, no car chases, no bullets or explosions. Just a good story. Enjoy

  • Feel good movie


    This movie is a bit slow but has that great kind of ending that just makes you smile for the rest of the day! The characters are all a tad quirky, somehow the family members all seem to have some type of mental issue one way or another - it definitely reminds me of the majority of families I know. Henry is a brat, his mother is morbidly depressed, his father is a jerk, his brother is a nerd, his pot dealer turned boss is certainly in the right place at the right time and Henrys girlfriend is a free spirit who helps bring them all together. I think the casting person hit the nail on the head with this one. I may be biased , i love a good chick flick! Love, loss of love and the light at the end of the tunnel! Good times!

  • Charming but not syrupy


    A simple, charming film that deals with psychological and societal issues close to home that continue to plague families and their members. It stays at the surface of these issues-- divorce, young love, depression, fear of intimacy--and chooses to frame the drama in comic lines, which was an inspired perspective. The actors are superb, each playing his or her role in an authentic manner and letting the lines and the situations generate the laughs, smiles, and grins. The film belongs to the two young lead actors and their chemistry is delightful. The older brother's character grows on you, initially not in step with the other cast mates, but he finds his footing early enough in the film. The theme and plot are predictable enough, but there's not that much new in terms of story lines. The manner in which theme and plot were packaged produced a small but elegant jewel of a film that is enjoyable and emotionally satisfying.

  • This light-hearted romantic comedy hits it home on all levels


    This feel good romantic dramedy about "crazy love" is perfect for our time, a time when we all need to lighten up, a time when we all need to be living in the present. Yes, I mean "we all" literally. Amanda Crew is brilliant as Bette, a courageous carefree young lady who attempts the impossible feat of fixing an entire damaged family by having the guts to just be herself and encouraging them to be themselves. You won't regret watching this movie. You will see yourself or a relative or a friend in this movie, and you will be inspired. The one who does not like this movie is the one who is afraid to live in the now, who is afraid to experience love (internally and externally), who is afraid of life. If you are that person, I urge you to watch the film again, and again, and then again. Don't let this one get away!!

  • Inspiring, sweet, fresh...a relief!


    I loved this movie. It showed the inherent goodness of people even when things go wrong in their lives & they have cause to be angry/depressed/sad etc & act out. The character of Bette is such a breath of fresh air. As another reviewer wrote, she isn't afraid to be herself nor does she let the others' behaviour affect her desire to love them & be of service...& she's very funny & fresh, a joy to behold! She was also incredibly wise (i.e being aware of allowing the devastation of divorce to floor you in the moment rather than suppressing & holding onto resentment forever etc)without trying & just didn't get drawn into the darkness that was visiting the mother & sons. We need more examples of this in movies, more inspiration to do good in the world & to stay buoyant even when things appear 'bad'. She is an advert for resilience & strength. I was waiting for formulaic moments to pop up but they didn't. I was continually surprised by where conversations/scenes went & that 'messy' was allowed to be messy without having to tidy it all up & make a pretty-looking package, yet at the same time, it didn't descend into huge amounts of drama & cruelty as is often the way. The ultimate package is pretty anyway, cute, brave, sexy, endearing & very real. I didn't want it to end! Sit back & enjoy my friend :))


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