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Comic Book Villains (2002)

Comic Book Villains (2002)

Donal LogueCary ElwesMichael RapaportNatasha Lyonne
James Robinson


Comic Book Villains (2002) is a English movie. James Robinson has directed this movie. Donal Logue,Cary Elwes,Michael Rapaport,Natasha Lyonne are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2002. Comic Book Villains (2002) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Told from the point of view from Archie, a comic book collector, this is the story of a rivalry between two comic book shop owners. One does it for the love of comics, while the other shop, run by a husband-and-wife team are in it strictly for the money. The situation brews to a head when a sneak collector, Conan discovers a large collection of perfectly-preserved classic comics, leading the two shops to vie to acquire them, along with a "villain" who hopes to steal them first.


Comic Book Villains (2002) Reviews

  • Making a killing off comic books.....


    Kind of a unique idea for a dark comedy. Competing comic book store owners trying to outwit each other for a prize collection. Unfortunately the crazed collectors are all, except one, unlikable, unsympathetic, and greedy. The movie is very uneven, with characters morphing from just scheming crazies, to murderers. It is at this point, when almost everyone has transformed into killers, that "Comic Book Villains" seems to have run out of ideas, and rapidly spirals downhill. If after the confrontation in the old ladies home, the script had been fully developed, the movie might have worked better on several levels. As it stands, it is at best, a very mediocre black comedy. - MERK

  • See this movie if you've ever liked comics…

    The Overdrama2003-01-05

    I admit that I rented this movie simply because I love comic books (and have been wanting to see it ever since I first learned it was being made); however, the movie really surprised me. It was a very entertaining tragicomedy, namely thanks to its premise of trying to get a 45-year-old comic book collection from an unrelenting mother. Donal Logue put forth an excellent performance as the bankrupt and shabby local comic store owner, and Cary Elwes actually made a believable thug. Despite cliché hijinks from the Natasha Lyonne-Michael Rappaport team-up and unnecessary narration, the story makes good with incorporating capitalistic competition, laid-back criminals, and comic trivia. In short, anyone can really enjoy this movie, but it is a must-see for what Stan Lee calls "true believers."

  • The time flew by!


    These types of stories, by which i mean, a group of people who's true natures are exposed by greed and obsession, will either work for you or not, and by default the climax will seem over the top and take away half the audience.. but no matter the ending, the ride there is very well executed, and went way past the expectations i got from just watching the trailer. The great cast of guys who steal scenes in other films, was one i was very interested in, but i sceptical about the actual film, i thought past the interesting plotline,it would be poorly written and directed by a moron.. but it so wasn't! It's one of those movies that through good storytelling just makes you watch, and not want to get up, and the 90 minute runtime just flies by! not one scene is wasted, not one performance is perfunctonary, it's just completely well made all round, and very well written/directed. I think the negative comments are from people who are expecting way too much from the film, and maybe movies in general.. if you're someone who just goes along with the ride, so long as it's all relatively credible, and you like the cast, then i think you'll have a great time, no doubt! this film went way past my expectations! my only quibble, and it's so minor, plus it seems unavoidable with films about greed, HOW THE HECK DO YOU END IT!! if the film was being completely realistic, then the film's ending probably wouldn't happen, but in real life the ending would be pretty dull, and lose the whole comic book feel to the film.. comic books also use violence as a device, comic books are visually over the top representations of everyday things.. many characters in comic books are 2-dimensional simple folk.. hence the title to this movie, and in general the whole feel and look to the movie (which btw looks VERY good for such low budget!).. so the ending in after thought may seem to be slightly over the top, and doesn't seem to fit the characters, but while watching i was hooked! and so will you! :) definately worth the rental!! maybe even a buy. It's hard to recommend as a film for comic book fans, because that's like saying every girl is going to like a chick flick, but there are comic book references aplenty, and comic book collectors for fellow guys to relate with.. so i think a comic book fan might get more out of it than others, but not necersarily enjoy it more.. but what's great about this movie, is that you don't need to know ANYTHING about comics to enjoy it, you can even watch it in mute! it's really well made!

  • Only good actors don't make a movie


    Sadly, this movie started with some catchy stuff. I didn't know what it was about since I found it on cable TV, but as the movie went on I spotted some good actors and a spice of fun. So I thought that Donal Logue and DJ Qualls (two guys that to me are famous because of the funny as hell characters they play in movies like "Roadtrip" and shows like "Grounded For Life") would make a good movie. Again, sadly I was soon to be disappointed. The plot seemed interesting. Geeky guys that love comic books, I expected to see some wannabe stuff and that, but there was nothing like this. All there is in this movie are crimes, stupid fights and a predictable ending. Let's skip the rest and head to the finale, because nothing really happens during the whole movie but 3 parties fighting for some really valuable comic books. So at the end, the obvious, Raymond and July have committed murders. Why? I don't know, I consider their killings to have been really stupid and senseless, but well, the movie is senseless. So, they gather at Judy's store and then the police arrives. What could have happened? Yes, Raymond goes out and pulls his pistol so that he gets shot to death. Hasn't this already been used like a million times? Yes. Was it needed in the movie? No. The old woman, owner of the books, becomes friends with Archie, the good boy of the movie. And she says when she is dying (she is killed by another bad guy whose presence is almost unnoticeable and really forced) "go to my (defunct) son's closet, he did not only collected comics". I guess at this part of the movie everyone realizes that he had something more valuable. Maybe gold, maybe kryptonite, whatever. Of course it'll be expensive stuff that will change the boy's life. At the very end we see Archie in Europe, the continent he most longed for - more precisely in Barcelona. And then he says the other thing the dead guy collected were baseball cards which costed a lot more than the comics. So finally he finds a girl there and they start talking. I am sure the writers thought "Hey, this movie is about anything but comics. Shouldn't Archie hang her in his arms and go out flying?". Yeah, that would've been fun. Final note: this movie is labeled as "Comedy". Well I found nothing to laugh at in it, I'd say it was a "drama" more than a "comedy".

  • Promising premise poorly handled...


    ***SPOILERS*** This one was recommended to me by a fellow comic book fan. [For the record, I collect Silver Age comics- JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY and THE MIGHTY THOR, in particular- and paperback reprints of old pulp magazines like CONAN, THE SHADOW, DOC SAVAGE, etc.] I went in with high hopes, but those hopes were quickly dashed when it became evident that the writer/director understands next to NOTHING about drama or comedy or even a juxtaposition of the two. The premise was promising (see the synopsis), but the movie lost momentum and began to spiral down the tube the moment it went from being a semi-sympathetic look at the highs and lows of comic collecting to a shoot-'em-up. (This is the same kind of thing that makes BARTON FINK -among MANY other American films- much less interesting than they might have been. WHY American filmmakers tend to turn to gunplay when storytelling would suffice is beyond me. I suggest young moviemakers spend some time checking out the foreign film section of their favorite video rental joint: maybe that way, they'll learn to tell a story that doesn't depend in the end on a friggin' shoot out.) [An old complaint of mine was that Stephen King's books always seemed to end with an explosion and/or a fire; same difference here, different medium.] While this one may appeal to kids who spend too much time in front of their televisions (watching bad movies or playing video games that are tantamount to chasing one's tail), adults- or anyone with an attention span longer than that of a hyperactive fruit fly- will perforce be disappointed. A missed opportunity.


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