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Citizen (2001)

Citizen (2001)

Vasundhara DasDevanCochin HanifaAjith Kumar
Saravana Subaiya


Citizen (2001) is a Tamil movie. Saravana Subaiya has directed this movie. Vasundhara Das,Devan,Cochin Hanifa,Ajith Kumar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2001. Citizen (2001) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Citizen (Ajith), has many identities, as Anthony, Abdullah and Arivanandham. He has kidnapped three senior government officials and left clues as to why, which is tracked by the police. A conspiracy is uncovered and it is discovered that many years before an entire village had been wiped off the map of India...

Citizen (2001) Reviews

  • was a milestone for kollywood movies when citizen was released !


    this movie too had lots of mistakes and craps ! i felt nagma's acting was too much artificial and was not realistic... :( makeup for ajith not too bad but might have been better... but its OK , with then (2001)... ajith's acting should be appreciated , great try by him ! during first-half couldn't get a clear out sketch of the movie , when moved on to second-half , was made eager to watch out... flash-back was good ! As a whole , citizen was really good... :) good storyline ! was extremely different from other sort of movies in kollywood... when all the other movies were same as love stories , logic-less action , silly family problems and etc... citizen was a different try ! should be appreciated ! :)

  • Nothing but Hype


    I saw this movie in the first day itself. I didn't find anything new (as hyped) in the first half. And I convinced myself that there would be something in the second half as the flashback. I was totally disappointed by the movie. Total waste of time and money. Music and photography is very good, just for this I gave 2 points. Action, cinematography and direction is total waste. And the horrible makeup to Ajith is the next thing which can't allow me to sit on the theatre. 9 roles of hero, none of them is good and portrayed as royal. The flashback is somewhat OK, other than that 20 minutes, total movie is waste. Nagma and her voice is total crap. There is no logic and no sense in this movie. Total setback for Ajith.

  • Unique Script


    Script is the main hero followed by Thala Ajith's attempt with multiple get-ups. Really appreciable. Action sequences, sentiment, climax are really a hard punch about the Negative side of democratic nation and it's laws !!!

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