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Char Man (2019)

Char Man (2019)

Kurt ElaKipp TribbleNick GrecoJeff Kober
Kurt Ela,Kipp Tribble


Char Man (2019) is a movie. Kurt Ela,Kipp Tribble has directed this movie. Kurt Ela,Kipp Tribble,Nick Greco,Jeff Kober are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Char Man (2019) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Two friends visit fire-ravaged Ojai, California, intent on making a fake documentary about the infamous Ojai Vampire. However, things take a bizarre and frightening turn when they learn about a different local legend: The Char Man.

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Char Man (2019) Reviews



    Come on guys, at least a few people made fake accounts with only one review (this movie), but when the name of the producer is in one of the usernames? Unethical guys. As another poster said, dishonesty is as bad as lousy cinema. As far as the actual movie goes, I enjoyed seeing Ojai (lived there for a five years), but the novelty of saying "I know where that is" or looking for your car wore off in five minutes. Literally nothing happens in this movie except for a few kids in masks looking through windows or appearing in a hallway, and grating characters that freak out over nothing. Not sure how this is adding anything to the genre. In the end, as an Ojain, it also feels like a disservice to the town. Zero decent establishing shots of a unique town, instead it's just the Blair Witch Project (without any supernatural stuff). I was shocked that someone could drain anything picturesque or scenic out of this town, but these guys found a way. Sad too, because there's so much actual lore and fun regarding the Char Man myth (there's hot sauces and bands named after him), as well as a town full of colorful characters and rad business owners that could have been interviewed. The Vine (the place they shot behind for a few scenes) is literally full of theater actors. So much missed potential. But hey, that's what happens when randoms don't research towns.

  • Nope


    I saw no merit in this 'film' whatsoever. Amateurs with a camera and kids in cheap hallowe'en masks. Wouldn't have bothered commenting but for , once again, an obvious planted 10/10 review. I hate dishonesty worse than bad cinema.

  • Promising then throws it all away.


    This started off slow and only really picked up in the second act when it started to show some promise. Sadly it never goes anywhere. After it ends you feel like there should be another half an hour to actually tell the story of what happened. Instead there is too much "b roll" and no actual film going on. Shame as from a technical stand point it was ok (as far as found footage films go) but it was let down by the writing.

  • Nope.


    Nothing happens. Ever. The old "someone with a Halloween mask is looking in our window" scare. Never figured out why anyone with a house in the woods with every light on never has curtains. Considering that was the "scariest" thing to happen in the whole movie, I was disappointed.

  • Rubbish found footage film.


    If you liked Blair Witch this film is not for you. Rubbish performances and zero scares to go with them.

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