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Bad Stepmother (2018)

Bad Stepmother (2018)

Sofia VassilievaKristy SwansonLogan HuffmanDave Davis
Jeffery Scott Lando


Bad Stepmother (2018) is a English movie. Jeffery Scott Lando has directed this movie. Sofia Vassilieva,Kristy Swanson,Logan Huffman,Dave Davis are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Bad Stepmother (2018) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Following the sudden and mysterious death of their father, a brother and sister return home to their sprawling New Orleans estate and encounter their unhinged stepmother, who will stop at nothing to gain control of their inheritance.

Bad Stepmother (2018) Reviews

  • Over-dramatic


    After reading phd_travel's review I watched this movie without having 'high expectations', however still i was disappointed by this movie. It seemed very amateur, didn't have much depth to the movie, and it is almost impossible to connect with the characters and share any kind of emotion. Still, give the movie a try, maybe you'll like it.......

  • Fun for this kind of movie


    This is one of those entertaining Lifetime thrillers that is fine if you don't expect too much. It's quite engrossing and fast moving and doesn't take itself too seriously. An errant daughter comes home to New Orleans after her father dies shortly after marrying his secretary. She gets involved with her stepmother's son. But her brother is suspicious. The trashiness of some of the characters is funny. Kristy Swanson is always a welcome presence and she does a good job as the Bad Stepmother. She looks slimmer than she has for some time. Her stepdaughter is played by Sofia Vassilieva. Her character is so frustrating that it's laughable. Worth one watch.

  • Her possible future


    I was very surprised to learn that this made-for-TV movie was based on a novel. I would have expected the script to have been written by, well, some hack. But when you actually watch it, you learn pretty quickly that this is not just another psychopathic killer thriller. Believe it or not, it can be said with a straight face that BAD STEPMOTHER is quite a bit like Herman Melville's MOBY DICK. Not only do both have the name of the antagonist in their title, but in both cases the antagonist is more or less a background character who is never fully developed. Verity Hawking (Sofia Vassilieva) is no Captain Ahab, but when we first meet her she is still profoundly flawed. She is a spoiled heiress looking to cash in on her family's fortune, and at first she sees the murder of her divorced father as an opportunity to do just that. Not that Verity was herself responsible for her father's death, of course. Even supposing she had wanted to do so, somebody has beaten her to the punch. And Verity's confrontation with this somebody is what puts her on the path to moral reform. Because sometimes the best way to find redemption is by defeating an even worse version of yourself. That's where Verity's father's killer comes in. Louise Hawking (Kristy Swanson) is just as greedy and opportunistic as her stepdaughter; but, unlike Verity, she does not hesitate to cross ANY line to get what she wants. Looking almost hag-like behind a thin spackle of "old-woman" makeup, Swanson is terrifying as the homicidal gold-digger, contributing a chillingly modulated performance that easily could have become cartoonish. Rarely has there been such a loathsome woman in a low-budget film. As a hip dude from the 1970s might put it, Louise is a mother of a mother! Louise is precisely what Verity could have become if she hadn't been fortunate enough to be born into money and if she had no moral compass. And in rejecting that path, Verity proves she is worthy of the family fortune. When Louise falls to her death at the end, Verity's shameful past dies with her.


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