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B (2015)

B (2015)

Pedro CasablancManolo SoloPedro CiveraEduardo Recabarren
David Ilundain


B (2015) is a Spanish movie. David Ilundain has directed this movie. Pedro Casablanc,Manolo Solo,Pedro Civera,Eduardo Recabarren are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. B (2015) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

15th July 2013. Old party treasurer, Luis Barcenas, is transferred from the prison to court in order to testify. Up until now, he's denied any connection with the so-called Barcenas Paper's which proof the existence of an unofficial accounting system inside the conservative Spanish party (Partido Popular). However, after 18 days in prison, he decides to change his statement. This films portrays what happened that day in that court room.


B (2015) Reviews

  • Pedro Casablanc's awesome recital , playing masterfully Luis Barcenas , who looks exactly like him


    The film is set in 15th July 2013 when the veteran party treasurer , Luis Barcenas (Pedro Casablanc) , is transferred from the provincial prison to Audiencia Nacional court in order to testify in the presence of Judge Instruction number 5 , Ruz (Manolo Solo) , when he previously , he had denied everything . Up until now , he's denied any connection with the so-called Barcenas Papers which evidence the existence of an unofficial accounting system inside the conservative Spanish party (Partido Popular) . This issue was uncovered by the Luis' lawyer and Popular Party member , Jorge Trias , who gave up the Barcenas' papers to ¨El País¨ newspaper , being publicized and causing a big mayhem . There , he is submitted to questions by the judge , his advocates at law , the ex-judge Javier Gómez De Liaño (Pedro Civera) , María Dolores Márquez De Prado (in real life an ex-Fiscal married to Gómez De Liaño) , and prosecutor (Carlos Olalla) . However , after 18 days in prison , he decides to change his statement. Today he will tell the truth. This films portrays faithfully what happened on July 15, 2013 , that day in that court room in which Luis Barcenas gave a long declaration plenty of questions and answers about the dark happenings become involved the Conservative Spanish party . As it describes really events happened in Partido Popular with Barcenas/Pedro Casablanc giving long speeches and subjected to inquisitorial questions by accusations and defenses . The picture results to be a correct retelling taken from the declaration of Barcenas between judge Ruz , as he declares about a ¨B box¨ , implicating notorious members of the party and staff from Federico Trillo , Jaime Mayor Oreja , Maria Dolores De Cospedal , Jose Maria Aznar , the treasurer Alvaro Puertas to Mariano Rajoy . Very fine acting by Pedro Casablanc , he steals the show as the old party treasurer who was transferred from prison to National Court to testify . Pedro bears remarkable resemblance to Barcenas as physical as gestures , grimace , face and attitudes . Casablanc achieved several prizes and nominations thanks to this great interpretation such as Sant Jordi Awards 2016 , he Won Sant Jordi Best Actor in a Spanish Film , Nominated Goya Best Lead Actor , Nominated José María Forqué Award Best Actor , Nominated Award of the Spanish Actors Union Film : Male Lead Performance , Nominated Feroz Award Best Actor in a Leading Role and many others . Casablanc is a great professional , working since early nineties until nowadays . He has usually worked for TV , in a lot of series and mini-series as ¨Periodistas¨ , ¨Hospital Central¨, ¨Padre Coraje¨, ¨Policias¨, ¨R.S.I.¨ , ¨Princesa De Eboli¨ , ¨Asesinato De Carrero Blanco¨, ¨Los Misterios De Laura¨, ¨Isabel¨, ¨Prim Asesinato Calle Turco¨ , ¨Amar Es Para Siempre¨, ¨Mar De Plastico¨ and occasionally for cinema in secondary roles as ¨Che : Guerrilla¨ , ¨Siete Minutos¨, ¨23 F the movie¨, ¨Viral¨ ,¨Sicarivs¨ and ¨Truman¨ . Besides , Manolo Solo as judge Ruz equally gives a top-notch performance , he was nominated Goya Best Supporting Actor . Along with a brief acting by a good support cast , such as Pedro Civera as Javier Gómez De Liaño , Celia Castro as María Dolores Márquez De Prado , Carlos Olalla as Fiscal , Joaquín Climent as Comisario and Patxi Freytez . The motion picture was professionally directed by David Ilundain , though with no originally , being a simple monologue and a plain copy from Barcenas' actual declaration .


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