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Altitude Falling (2010)

Altitude Falling (2010)

Heath AllynMatt BeenePaul BrightWilliam Diamond
Paul Bright


Altitude Falling (2010) is a English movie. Paul Bright has directed this movie. Heath Allyn,Matt Beene,Paul Bright,William Diamond are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Altitude Falling (2010) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Family,Romance,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

Horrified at the abuse of his invention, Greg moves to a small mountain town and falls in love with Danny. After landing his lover a government job, Greg discovers that Danny will soon be embarking on a mission that he won't be coming back from. Now, in order to save Danny, Greg will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.


Altitude Falling (2010) Reviews

  • Do people seriously consider this a movie?


    I hadn't read any reviews prior to watching it, so I had no expectations to start with. However, if you care for your faith in the human race and do not want to needlessly torture yourself with horrible gay grandfather fetish science-fiction, just watch something else. Why? Oh boy... The STORY if you can even call it that... is of a communist USA (still pretending to be democratic and have a president though) in the year 2029. People go around with chips in their arms, and those who have them removed are outlaws. I'm not sure why the theme sounds extremely familiar. The ACTING... eek. I'd be more believable telling my math teacher that the dog ate my homework for the 20th day in a row. As a highlight, check out the part when Mom and Gran find out Greg's in town. So. Many. Emotions! The DIRECTING... where do I even start? Half of the movie consists of people biking (Greg even does a splendid double-take!) or looking around. I especially liked the part where Greg and Danny stay in bed for 2 minutes. GREG deserves a separate section on his own, for being absolutely the most obnoxious. For one, he goes after his best friend Michael's son. Michael has absolutely no problem with it, by the way (USA, I pity you...). Morals aside, he's just as bad as actor, writer or director. All he did was write himself in a lot of naked scenes with a 20-year-old. If he craves "fresh meat", I'd recommend a different film-making industry. As it is, it's just disgusting. Yes, love transcends, but this is too much. How many people live in that... "town"(?). We see a grand total of SEVEN. Add two working at the train station and one moving boxes, but that still leaves us with less than twenty. I get it that it's low- budget, but they could at least invite their cousins or sisters to walk around in the background. What's the title even about? Ice melting and seawater rising? Really? What does that have to do with... never mind. Baffling? Wait until you hear Gran say something like "We don't own a spade, so we can't have a garden." I used to say "Shut Up and Kiss Me" was pathetic, but after watching "Altitude Falling", I have to admit I was wrong. On its own, the movie is not original in the slightest. Watch 1984 (future societies gone wrong), Milk (age difference), Gattaca (implanted chips/population control), Naked Boys Singing (unabashed nudity) or House of Wax (deserted towns with strange people). Your neurons will be grateful for not sentencing them to death.

  • Just tedious


    The entire gay theme detracted from what could have been a good story. The entire concept of chips in bodies was good and the basic story had potential...but the gay love story just trashed it...well that and the horrible music. The music and production values were just atrocious and that made the story and film just a hideous piece of cinema to watch. Add to that a gay love story which didn't quite fit in and some unbelievably horrible dialogue and flat characters and you have this...something which will go nowhere. Not trashing gay love stories...there are some which I find awesome - even though I am not gay...they are interesting and have character and story. This just kills the entire structure. Maybe it was to get financing for the movie - to seed money from the gay arts vaults - well that;s OK...but the story was bad and the actors were even worse. The script was horrible and of course, the music was downright nasty in all respects. It failed on so many levels with a concept that had plenty of potential - even for a small budget.

  • A film which is more important then you might think...


    I have just watched this film and I would like to write this review while it's still fresh in my mind. I have to admit that in this particular gay themed movie, the gay issue is the least important aspect. There are many similar examples to this kind of film, and it's no better or worse then any of them. However, the near-futuristic plot line is vital, and in fact it is the first time I see this kind of realistic plot that deals with what will definitely be our lives in 15, 20 or 25 years ahead - life with no freedom, life which is monitored and controlled by our would be oppressors - the government, the army, the elite. It is truly important that everyone should watch this film and relate to it not as a sci-fi movie, but as a real life experience - 20 years or so ahead from today. This I feel is the main contribution of this film. As for production levels - well as one can expect from indie low budget; but please try to look beyond the mere look of the film, and into the strong message it entails. Highly recommended viewing!

  • The Man Who Made Man-Boy Love Actually Boring!


    I wish this "writer"/"director" would just hire teenage boys for sex in the confines of his own home rather than writing incredibly creepy, dramatically vacant vehicles for his own chicken fetish. The teddy bear should be a warning: beyond this point, there be creeps. The young lead is such a bad actor, he relies on the "exasperated" tone of voice to make any emotional inflection, and Bright has that terrible monotonous (attempting world-weary) delivery that just makes each scene between the two more excruciating. Bright is staggering in his lack of charisma. If you can't tell that lines like, "Mother, I just don't know about your attempts to run my life!" are embarrassing clunkers, you probably shouldn't be writing or starring in movies at all. And technically? At least learn how to make an eyeline match. It's not hard. The wrong frigging people have money to waste on masturbatory projects like this.

  • Almost too many shortcomings to overlook - but only almost.


    Had the cast and crew seemed any less sincere in their efforts to make the best flick they could, I would probably tear a film like this to shreds. But more important to me than having the best of acting, props, effect, etc... etc... et... is to come away from the film with the feeling that it wasn't just thrown together and half-heartedly produced. I do think the producer - the kinda' cute older gent playing the lead - likes making these movies partially as an excuse to get to mess with young dudes, and find it amusing how he is utterly unafraid to let it all hang out in his flicks (literally). Even so, I don't get the impression that's the entirety of his motivation - that seems more like just one of the "perks" to him. That said, if you just want to know the pros and cons, here are my views on the matter: Pros: - Realistic, believable plot - I have little doubt that sooner or later, humans will be tagged in just such a way, and that sooner or later someone, somewhere is going to take advantage of it for their own tyrannical ambitions; - While all the effects were cheap, they weren't utterly absurd like they tend to be in most films of similar budget. This guy really seems to know how to make the most with practically nothing, and to make it believable. Not that there were a lot of really special effects - the CGI was bare-bones minimal - but the look, feel and functionality of the props (automated voice greetings, videoconferencing, one or two of the implants after they'd been removed & destroyed, etc...) were good; - A message that people really do need to hear, about a topic we're almost certain to face not too far from now; - Paul Bright's exposed booty. Cons: - Bad acting. Bad, bad, bad. At least for the most part. One or two of them were pretty good most all of the time, but all of them had their moments where they couldn't possibly have been any less believable. You really do have to just overlook it through much of the flick, so if that bothers you then you probably should avoid this one; - Unclear plot details - particularly regarding the man he video'd with and his boss lady. I understood the guy's role in the unseen back-story leading to the movie's current events, but not what he was supposed to be doing in the present and definitely not what role his boss lady was supposed to be playing; - Paul Bright's exposed booty. You're either going to like it or you're not, and after seeing similar in "Angora Ranch", it seems fairly clear he's just being exhibitionistic. I personally don't mind, but a lot of people would and so I figured you might as well hear about it now. It's not real frequent or anything, but for the short time it's there, it's _all_ "there", if you catch my drift.


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