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All American High Revisited (2014)

All American High Revisited (2014)

Keva Rosenfeld


All American High Revisited (2014) is a English movie. Keva Rosenfeld has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. All American High Revisited (2014) is considered one of the best Documentary,Comedy,History,News movie in India and around the world.

In 1984--before cell phones, the web, and reality TV, a young filmmaker set out to document a year in the life of a typical California high school. The result was "All American High", an unusually honest and humorous look at 80's teen life. Told through the eyes of a visiting exchange student, the film presents an uncensored view of senior year in the era of big hair, punks, and parachute pants. Thirty years after they lived it, the film's original subjects return in "All American High Revisited" to look back at one of the most memorable chapters of their lives.


All American High Revisited (2014) Reviews

  • A slice of the 80's


    Great movie. If you want to know exactly what it was like to me a Southern California High School student in the 80's, this is your movie. Seen through the eyes of an exchange student, we view the locals from an outsider's point of view. Many have compared this movie to that other 80's High School epic, "Fast Times At Ridgemont High". The difference between the two movies is that, while they both explore the 80's Southern California student stereotypes of the day, "All American High Revisited" is the real deal, with real people doing real things. You will either identify with some of the films real life characters, or laugh at their now quaint pre 9/11 behavior, either way you will enjoy this piece of history from a long gone era. To my mind, the original movie was a 10, but with the additional newly filmed material in the 2014 update, "All American High Revisited" goes to the head of the class and becomes a AP 10+.

  • Beautiful and fun for everyone


    This movie is beyond fun... I had such a great time watching it. Documentaries come alive when they reveal themselves to the documentarian, who can then reveal the story to us - and this movie did just that through the skill of Director Keva Rosenfeld, discovering the beautiful and fun Finland transfer student, Rikki. His ability to capture not only this American high school in the 80's through her eyes, but in many ways, American life in general, which feels just as real today, as it was then. Then as a bonus - we get to see some of these teens we fall in love with in the film, in present day, watching the history they created. Just beautiful - a must watch that I'll be sharing with all of my friends and family!

  • Great documentary film on the 80's CA High School experience


    All American High Revisited is a great movie on a 1980's High School Experience through the eyes of a Finnish Exchange Student. This film fantastically crafted by director Keva Rosenfeld captures a year long moment in time before the creation of reality television. If you experienced the music culture and clothing of the mid 1980's, you will enjoy this look back in time. The where are they now component is very interesting as the viewing audience may be interested to find out how these students turned out. The film always contains a portion where the director reconnects with the Finnish Exchange student (and her family). Very touching. There is a very good set of songs for the film that provide a great soundscape.

  • Loved this movie!


    This documentary is like a flashback of big hair, driver's ed and proms! It is so funny and touching. It draws you in from the very start and revisits some of the main characters 30 years later. All American High Revisited is the perfect movie to rent if you went to high school during the 80's. Or if you want to know what life was like back then. This film is fun to watch and the music is amazing. The movie also documents a time when teenagers didn't have computers, cell phones, Ipads and social media. It's hard to imagine what kids did before Snapchat, Instagram and texting. But this movie shows us. What a different world! I highly, highly recommend this film.


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