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1 - Nenokkadine (2014)

1 - Nenokkadine (2014)

Mahesh BabuKriti SanonNassarPradeep Singh Rawat


1 - Nenokkadine (2014) is a Telugu movie. Sukumar has directed this movie. Mahesh Babu,Kriti Sanon,Nassar,Pradeep Singh Rawat are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. 1 - Nenokkadine (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Romance,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Gautham (Mahesh Babu) is in search of the identity of his parents who were killed. He faces a psychological disorder which makes the search even more difficult. taking support of sameera(Kriti ) and figuring out ways to get to know what happened in the past makes the story.

1 - Nenokkadine (2014) Reviews

  • Its like watching a color film during the black and white times.


    Its the same excitement that bring to every tollywood movie guy when they have watched a film in full 'Color' during the times of 'black and white' cinematography. Usually most of the 'Tollywood' films has typically a nice formulae. Start with a fight, a song, chase the villains, two more fights, 10 jokes, fight in climax and END. But This film is completely different. A film that could set standards to the upcoming ones. A completely different road that has been put up this film. And this might be the one of the best films in Tollywood that makes you to be in the script till the end. This not like other movies which defines the laws of the physics. And every other director who are using the usual formulae should see this and try to change the way how it has been taken up by Mr Sukumar. Its awesome. Its a huge leap for tollywood. Excellent cinematography, excellent script (thou it has loosened a bit in the middle) excellent direction, Most stunning background music and good crew. I must also appreciate the Background Music. Mr Devi Sri Prasad has really done an excellent experiment with tuning the same music tone and using it for the different versions. So, when you come out of the theatre, you can still hear the same music. This is awesome. And to understand it you must put your complete concentration on the movie. If some body tells you that this is crap them it means that they haven't seen movies like Dark Knight/Inception/Breaking Bad which give the nostalgia in the end. Proud to write a review about a movie like this.

  • Intelligent Psychological Thriller


    Credit for this movie first goes to Director Sukumar for perfect execution of Story which he want to portray. Secondly Mahesh Babu showed his guts in accepting this movie. For the First Time, A Telugu movie viewer Tasted a Hollywood range movie in Telugu Film Industry. The Film from Tip to Bottom portrays an extraordinary Thriller gripping the audience. Without any unwanted Comedy sequences, Film mainly concentrates on the Story line. Title 1 Nenokkadine Justifies with only Gowtham's Quest to find his identity. Though the common audience confuses with Kriti Sanon character in the first half, Director handled that confusion very Handily before Interval. Screenplay was Extraordinary. Background Music by Devi Sri Prasad gave a new life to the movie, though the songs are misplaced. Cinematography is the main Asset for the movie, it made the film a visual Grandeur. Mahesh Babu looks Very Handsome in the movie. Some People may need a second watch to understand the complexity in the script. Hollywood Movie Buffs will like the movie a lot. Overall A Welcoming Change to Telugu Film Industry. I Rate 9 out of 10 (HIT) http://itrendicious.blogspot.in/2014/01/1-nenokkadine-genuine- review.html

  • In TFI,it may be a Revolution and time to get rid of dirty non-sense movies..


    i hope it is the best experimental movies of TFI with a high technical standards and with a critical script.though it was an inspiration from movie Bourne ultimatum,it has its own plot and not a copy.the story is all about a rock star(Mahesh Babu) suffering from a psychological problem who lost there parents in childhood.he believes that,someone killed his parents and they are even trying to kill him too.due to his psychological problem he hallucinates that they are killing him and finally he kills them.but people got to know that he was suffering with some psychological disorder stops believing him.he just want to get out of this,so he get away from media and people.but the heroine,a journalist(Kriti Sanon) follows him to know about him.from then they experience true attacks on them.at the interval bang he got know that the people in his imagination are true and kills one of them.now he starts his journey to crack the hidden secrets in his past.in this journey he come across lot of people who have answers to his questions,but they die without answering.but finally, how he gets his past?should see on screen. About Performance,as a main lead Mahesh Babu live in his character and justified at best.in first half he is a confused guy.can't get what is real and what is imagination.at the interval bang his performance is at peaks and in second half,the character should show an intense pain about his parents and mystery behind there death,in this part Mahesh performance is mind-blowing.in the climax,when he got to know about his parents,the sentiment expressed by Mahesh is heart touching and no other can do so. Mahesh childhood roll is played by his son Gautam. he did his best.coming to female lead Kriti Sanon,even though its her first movie,she didn't look so.she did to her best and compete with Mahesh. she got chance to show herself by sharing maximum screen space with Mahesh.Nasser played a key roll in the movie need to watch on screen. About Technical Dept..Seriously,Cinematogry is awesome and DOP Rathnavalu is amazing.in some parts camera work played key role.VFX team and CG team are their best. Finally about Director B.Sukumar.he need a big applause for making a best experiment in TFI.the story and the twists in screen play was amazing and unexpected.to handle such a script is so tough and executing it on the screen needs lot of guts. the director was success full in it.gave perfect entrance and exits to all the characters in the story and gave reasons to their rolls,so we can't find any unwanted characters and unwanted scenes in the movie.he even made Mahesh to look so stylish he never before.he is perfect in designing Mahesh character without missing his heroism all over the movie. I concludes that,this is one among the best movies of Tollywood with a new sort of script and screenplay.and everyone should watch it.

  • I strongly recommend this film for who is in hunger of different telugu film.....


    if you are a regular telugu movie fan....u will never develop yourself......It is a complete different movie and just rocking... mahesh performance was awesome and overall movie was a top class......those who want to watch a different telugu film apart from regular films....1- NENOKKADINE is the best choice i recommend.....Frankly speaking i enjoyed the film a lot .. Kriti sanon plays the role of journalist who was perfectly apt for the character The movie contains a lot of twists which makes the film more interesting.... Mahesh babu dances are the best so far.... songs are upto d mark....

  • Good Attempt....New Story instead of Routine Repeated flicks


    The story of the film looks very simple. But the screenplay is highly complex. There are various layers like revenge, a psychological disorder, eagerness to know about roots and corporate greed. There are a few amazing screenplay tricks in the movie. Director Sukumar added 20% more commercial appeal to what needed for a psychological thriller, but stayed with the theme of the film most of the times. The length of the film should have been taken care of and the screenplay should have been crisp and racy. There are certain issues with the film - heroine interaction in Goa episodes appear repetitive and there is no scope for songs in this kind of thriller. Sukumar has followed Hollywood style and orientation by narrating the film in a classy way. We do expect the death of villain as the final frame of a typical Telugu movie. But there is a lot to the story after the villain's death. I loved the way he connected the titles episode of the film to the climax and how parents faces are revealed. There is lot of detailing in the film and some people might need a second viewing to understand the nuances and innuendos in the movie.


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